Amy Antenora, Author at TechShop Magazine
When A Car Is More Than Just A Car

How one group of Chicago-area aftermarket professionals is helping to keep struggling community residents on the road to stable employment.

90-Year-Old Italian Tool Company Testing The Waters In The U.S. Market

A brand name as well-known in Europe as Ferrari, family-owned Italian tool company Beta Utensili S.p.A. is looking to test the water on this side of the pond, with a new distribution agreement with Peerless Hardware in Pennsylvania.

Schrader Hits the Road to Promote its New EZ-Sensor

A team of professionals from Schrader Electronics hit the road in a specially outfitted Toyota Prius this week to spread the word about the company’s new TPMS EZ-Sensor. After kicking off their “Easy Drive to SEMA” Tour in Detroit, the team made a pit stop at the Akron, OH, headquarters of Babcox Media to meet with Babcox editors and show off their new product.

Test Drive: Automakers Agree to NASTF’s Service Information Standards

Leesburg, VA — The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) recently announced that it has officially established the NASTF Service Information Standards, which consist of three parts: definitions; automotive service information standards; and an information request and resolution process. NASTF has requested that each auto manufacturer renew its commitment to make service and training information

Buyer Beware: Selling or Installing Counterfeit Parts

… Could Leave You Accountable

Buying, Selling or Installing Counterfeit Parts Could Leave You Accountable

Until the 1980s, counterfeiting was thought of as a victimless crime, conjuring up images of knock-off brand-name watches and handbags. Today, however, counterfeiting is big business, accounting for 5-8% of all goods sold worldwide. In terms of criminal activity, counterfeiting is among the most lucrative crimes today, its impact on the global economy estimated at