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Bosch ADS 625 Scan Tool Available on Shop-Ware Shop Management Platform

The ADS 625 comes standard with access to Bosch Repair-Source, a comprehensive vehicle service and repair information library with full vehicle system coverage for domestic, Asian and European brands.

SEMA Show Cancelled for 2020

Recent SEMA Show survey results indicated interest in a virtual tradecshow with related live elements. SEMA will be working with industry members to determine interest levels on specific alternatives.

Find Info on How to Buy, Use a Lift on Updated ALI Site

The updated website provides more resources to lift owners, operators, installers, inspectors and manufacturers. It also features improved navigation.

Opus IVS Awarded Patent for Pass-Thru Remote Diagnostic System

The patented technology developed by Bluelink has been utilized by Opus IVS to remotely deliver diagnostic repair guidance and programming services.

Rev Up Positive Reviews with FourthGear from BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY

Available on any web-enabled mobile device independent of other shop management systems, FourthGear gives shops command of their online reputation.


Code Reader Podcast: P2422

DTC P2422, an unusual cause and help from a Honda technical service bulletin.

Code Reader Podcast: P00C6 & P228C

Were loose PCM connections the cause of trouble codes P00C6 and P228C?

Code Reader Podcast: P0420 & P0430

This TSB was released by General Motors, covering most of their large SUV’s and vans that have been produced from 2002 and up. The related DTCs that a technician may find are P0420 and P0430, Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold.

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