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Hunter, Dealer Tire to Preview Automated Tire Recommendation at NADA

Dealer Tire customers with Hunter’s unmanned inspection systems can generate automatic tire recommendations.

ASE Renewal App Helps Certified Techs Extend Certifications

A1-A9 techs can extend their certification expiration dates through testing via the app.

ISN Appoints Tim Kolbus to CEO

Prior to his appointment to CEO, Kolbus served the organization as chief supply chain officer.

Kukui Launches Premium Video Service for Shops

Providing repair shops with a turn-key marketing solution that attracts and engages new customers.


Code Reader Podcast: P2422

Today, we’ll be looking at DTC P2422, which indicates that the evaporative emissions canister vent valve is obstructed. The particular vehicle we were working on was a 2008 Honda Accord, and a Honda technical service bulletin, or TSB, was a big help to point us in the right direction with...

Code Reader Podcast: P00C6 & P228C

Were loose PCM connections the cause of trouble codes P00C6 and P228C?

Code Reader Podcast: P0420 & P0430

This TSB was released by General Motors, covering most of their large SUV’s and vans that have been produced from 2002 and up. The related DTCs that a technician may find are P0420 and P0430, Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold.

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