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New Autel ADAS Informational Brochures

Learn about the latest Autel ADAS advancements, including the IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System.

Bartec USA Announces More Software Updates

Bartec also announces additional vehicle coverage as well as an update to the TPMS Desktop utility.

CSAA Insurance Group Partners with Opus IVS

Shops can improve cycle time while performing pre-scan, post-scan, OE scanning, flash programming and ADAS calibrations under terms reimbursable by the insurer.

Autel IA800 Video Heralds  Release  of Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System

With the IA800 system and standard calibration frame, positioning is completed in under one minute.

Snap-on Updates Diagnostic Tool Matcher Feature

The results give technicians a product overview, a video and the option to request a demonstration from their franchisee.

TechShop Podcast: Punches & Chisels

An auto technician is going to use a wide variety of punches and chisels, as is any mechanic in most fields, but there are a lot of overlooked details that are good to know.

TechShop Podcast: Torx Bits

Ever wonder why there are different kinds of Torx bits, and if there's a reason for it? TechShop's Eric Garbe explains in this latest podcast.

Code Reader Podcast: P2422

DTC P2422, an unusual cause and help from a Honda technical service bulletin.

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