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Bullit Sliced Time, Cost on Diesel Engine Repair

When a technician came across busted intake mounting bolts, he found just the right tool to save the day.

5 Reasons Your Shop Needs a Wheel Balancer

This essential tool quickly pays for itself with new business and customer satisfaction.

Look For It –
 On the Tool Truck

Now, one would think, also after being in the industry for a long time, you would know of all the tools out there, but that wasn’t the case early one Friday morning this past February.

Tool Talk: What You Need to Know About Precious Metals

Regardless of the brand name or the price point, a properly maintained tool will pay for itself many times over.

Making Your Next Wheel Balancer Investment

A shop owner has many choices when it comes to assessing which wheel balancer is right for them. Let this checklist help you out.

wheel service equipment
Keep Your Floor Jacks from Getting Jacked Up

Like all equipment, floor jacks should be inspected regularly for damage and kept clean.

Make Sure Your Transmission Jack Isn’t Out of Whack

Here are eight tips for maintaining your transmission jacks.

10 Tips for Daily Brake Lathe Maintenance

Like any equipment, your brake lathes need regular care and maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Keep your brake lathe running smoothly by following these 10 daily tips.

BendPak Ranger brake lathe
Troubleshooting Your 2-Post Lift

If your lift stops working correctly, it’s costing you money. Let’s take a look at how to troubleshoot some common issues and get your lift back to work.

BendPak tech tip troubleshooting two-post lifts
How Often Is Lift Maintenance Needed?

If something doesn’t seem right, stop using the lift until you can get it checked out. Never use a lift if any component is broken or damaged.

Be Your Own Cable Guy

In this article, we’ll explore how to maintain your lift cables or “wire ropes,” how to look for damage and when to replace a cable.

On The Tool Truck: Torque Extensions & Adapters

Professional Tools. Professional Facts. You Ask The Questions, We Get The Answers.

Lisle torque stix adaptors