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2022 TechShop Year in Review

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Automotive Battery and Electrical System Testers

Modern charging system testers are programmed to know what they should see on each and every vehicle.

Don’t Miss Out on A/C Service Opportunities

Today’s HVAC systems are becoming so advanced, that we could be missing out on service opportunities.

Battery, Charging and Starting System Diagnostic Tools

It takes modern equipment to keep up with the ever-changing world of automotive electronics.

Automotive Lifts: a Guide to Lifts and Lifting Equipment

Whether you’re replacing one or adding one, buying a lift isn’t a daunting process. Here’s some advice to get you started.

Specialty Tools: Problem Solvers, Time Savers and Essentials

Investing in the right ones is an important decision for every technician.

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TechShop Year in Review: Top 10 Products

TechShop recaps the most popular equipment and tools on our site this past year.

TechShop Year in Review: The Humble Mechanic

TechShop is honored to share The Humble Mechanic’s informative and fun content with our readers.

TechShop Year in Review: Feature Articles

ICYMI: We’ve rounded up the feature articles of TechShop’s 2021 print editions.

Car wheel alignment
Air Apparent

Air tool and equipment maintenance may not be obvious but ignore it and it’ll become apparent that you shouldn’t have.

High-Voltage Vehicle Service Tools & Equipment

Grabbing any screwdriver or wrench is not going to cut it when performing work on an HV system. Read this before you begin.

Tips for Purchasing Diagnostic Tools

Here are a few considerations for selecting a diagnostic tool.

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I Brake for Tools

Brake diagnosis and repair is as much a technology-based task as it is a mechanical one. Do you have the proper tools?