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Electronic Specialties Super Relay Buddy

Quickly and accurately test relays with this professional tool.

Continental Autodiagnos Pro Automotive Diagnostic System

An automotive diagnostic system designed specifically for professional automotive technicians.

K-Tool Thermal Imaging Camera

Utilize thermal imaging technology as part of your diagnostic strategy.

K-Tool Video Inspection Borescope

View and inspect hard-to-see areas in full color.

Problem Solvers: File Cleaner

Check out this tool tip to keep your files clean.

Aircat 6390 Compact Needle Scaler

A needle scaler quickly removes rust, scale and paint.

Problem Solvers: Chain Wrench

A tool that can save the day!

Problem Solvers: Exhaust Pipe Cutter

Make precise exhaust cuts with no noise, no flame, no mess.

Problem Solvers: Oversize Lug Nut Sockets

Win the fight against capped lug nuts with these special sockets.

Tire Frog Tire/Wheel Lifting Tool

Save your back and get the job done quickly with this tool.

AIRCAT 805-HT-22 3/8-in. Long-Reach Ratchet

Versatile features include high torque and an extended reach driveshaft.

Mac Tools 52-Piece Cordless Screwdriver Set

Features include high-speed screw driving, a 70-minute quick charge and IP54 rating.