Extending the Capabilities of an Advanced Tool

Extending the Capabilities of an Advanced Tool

The BT608 will test 6V and 12V batteries and 12V and 24V starting and charging systems. Sponsored by Autel.

The Autel BT608 is an advanced battery, charging and electrical system diagnostic tool. Through the convenience of its Android-based touchscreen and Bluetooth connection with the vehicle communication interface (VCI), the BT608 will test 6- and 12-volt batteries and 12 and 24 volt starting and charging systems, plus it will read and erase diagnostic trouble codes and perform battery registration.

But that’s just scratching the surface. You can extend the diagnostic capabilities of the BT608 and take it to the next level with the Autel BTAK Battery Tester Accessory Kit, which is designed specifically for use with Autel’s battery analysis tools, enabling technicians to safely and easily troubleshoot vehicle electrical systems and components.

The BTAK comes with Autel’s DM100 digital multimeter attachment, a pair of six-foot long test leads, wire probes, alligator clips and a 400-amp AC/DC current clamp, and it’s all easy and straightforward to hook up.

To use the multimeter, connect the test leads to the DM100, then connect the DM100 cable to the port on the base of the BT608. Power up the BT608 and tap the multimeter icon from the main screen.

To use the current clamp, first enter the settings screen on the BT608 and toggle the current clamp setting to on. Then simply connect it to the DM100 in place of the regular test leads, switch it on, select the correct range and return to the multimeter function screen.

From the multimeter screen, you’ll see two options, leakage detection and basic function. Under basic function, you can select DC or AC voltage, resistance, DC or AC current, diode test and connectivity, which checks the impedance of a circuit. The display features a digital readout as well as a waveform display to view voltage over time, a great feature for modern diagnostics.

The leakage detection function is specifically designed to check for parasitic battery drain, and there’s two different ways of doing it.

After selecting leakage detection, there are useful guidelines for test preparation, and then you’ll see two different options, current model or multimeter model. Current model utilizes the current clamp, and it takes you through the steps to accurately check for battery drain and the BT608 displays the reading in an easy-to-read format.

The multimeter model option also guides you through the testing and it’s an excellent example of intelligent engineering to save time for the technician. Most of us are familiar with measuring voltage drop across a fuse to check for parasitic battery drain. All fuses have resistance, and with any resistance there will be voltage drop when current is flowing, allowing us to utilize the fundamentals of ohms law to determine battery drain.

The catch is that each different type of fuse has a different amount of resistance, and the calculations can get really tricky. Normally, once you’ve measured voltage drop, you must either use a chart to find the draw in amps or calculate it yourself, both of which take time.

Now, you can let the BT608 do the work. The BT608 allows you to select the exact fuse type and color, or amperage rating. It even illustrates it on the screen, so you can’t go wrong, and then you simply measure across the fuse with the multimeter test probes, and the BT608 does all the calculations for you. It’s that easy.

Efficient and accurate diagnostics are high priority for today’s technicians, and when used in conjunction with the BT608, the Autel BTAK Battery Tester Accessory Kit opens a world of possibilities, making them a smart choice for your technicians and your shop.

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