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Mitch Schneider: Emotional Battery

For most of us, it has been a tough year. And, even if you are one of the “lucky” shop owners who have seen a rise in their year-end numbers – “lucky” as in where “opportunity” meets “preparation,” and all the skill, hard work, insight, discipline and determination that goes along with that kind of luck – it hasn’t been an easy year for the majority of your clients regardless of where you are.

Mitch Schneider: Picture If You Will…

There are mornings here at the shop when the only thing missing would be Rod Serling standing in the corner of the office waiting to utter those famous words that started so many of the early Twilight Zone episodes.

Mitch Schneider: The Sixth Day…

Recently, I received an e-mail that went straight to the heart of a question I’ve been struggling with for years: What do you do about the Sixth Day – Saturday? Is your shop open for business that day?

Mitch’s World: Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

At times, dealing with “wholesale” clients on difficult driveability problems can be a lot more difficult than dealing with difficult customers.

Mitch Schneider: Open Saturday? Shop Owners and Mitch Discuss the Sixth Day

Long-time shop owners weigh the pros and cons of being open on Saturday.

Dear Diary…It’s Me Mitch

Life has its challenges and can be difficult at times. But, it’s all we’ve got, I guess. So, we’d better make the best of it.

The ‘Up’ Side of Down

I hope things don’t get much worse, although I know they could. And, I guess there are signs things are getting just a little better, however slight or imperceptible the improvement may be.

Mitch Schneider: So…What’s on the Menu?

Mitch addresses “loss-leader” advertising and/or the kind of “menu pricing” environment in which it normally flourishes.

Mitch Schneider: In Constant Pursuit of the ‘Pink Bunny’

Pink Bunnies are the ultimate distraction: mysterious, mischievous and attractive. Worse than that, they are likely to pop up anywhere, at the most inopportune times, and there is very little you or I can do about it.

Mitch Schneider: Talk is Cheap – It Takes Money to Buy Whiskey!

Having a vested interest in a project, an idea, a concept and/or your own future, in the way of sweat equity (time, energy, effort, physical or emotional investment, and/or cash) brings with it an entirely different level of involvement because of the sacrifice implied…”It takes money to buy whiskey!” But, what does all that mean? I think it means that unless someone has a vested interest in your future or mine, we almost have a responsibility to take whatever that person has to say with a grain of salt.

The Keys To the Castle

Over the years, my father taught me many things. One of those things might be of interest to you. What he taught me was that the keys to survival in this business, or in any other for that matter, are the very same keys that will ultimately lead you to success.

Let’s Make A Deal: Let’s Not…

The last few months have been challenging. My guess is they were challenging for you, as well. The next few are likely to prove equally as challenging, if not more so. You don’t have to be a Nobel Prize Laureate in economics to understand what’s going on. People like us — people on the ground,