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Gaither Tool Company Inc.

Phone: 800-452-5010Fax: 217-245-0940 21 Harold Cox Dr.
Jacksonville IL 62650

Recent Products

Gaither Tool Offers Next Generation of Bead Bazooka

Illinois-based Gaither Tool Company has taken their ground-breaking bead seaters to the next level with the introduction of the unique second-generation Bead Bazookas, which promise an even greater l...

Gaither Tool Releases New Generation of Bead Bazooka

Gaither Tool Co. has introduced its second-generation Bead Bazooka range, including three completely revamped new models: Bazooka 3L2, Bazooka 6L2 and Bazooka 10L2. All three new models are n...

New Moore-Safe Safety Jack Debuts

As a leading international designer and manufacturer of technologically advanced tools and systems to service and maintain tires and wheel assemblies, Gaither Tool Co. continually invests in innovati...

Gaither Tool Announces Patented Moore-Safe Jack

Jacks have long been a source of workplace accidents and injuries. The threat of damage and bodily harm from falling multi-ton vehicles is all too real, as any experienced tech knows. The world needs...

Gaither Tool to Release All-in-One Tire Servicing Machine at SEMA

Gaither Tool, in partnership with Techno Marketing Group of the Netherlands, announced the launch of the E-CUBE mobile tire service unit that will be available at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in Oct...

Gaither Tool to Launch E-Cube Tire Servicing Unit at SEMA

The upcoming SEMA show in late October will become an important platform for the future evolvement of mobile tire servicing throughout North America with the game-changing launch of a unique produ...

Protect Hard-Working Hands with Gaither Gloves

Gaither’s Work Gloves are designed to provide the best possible protection while still delivering the grip and flexibility required for performing intricate and complex tasks. Perfect for tir...

3-Liter Bead Bazooka Tommy Gun

The completely redesigned Bead Bazooka Tommy Gun from Gaither Tool Co., Inc. is the company’s most powerful tire inflation tool. With the new 3-liter model (BB3LM), you can now do more with less....

Clean Off Oil, Tar, Paint and More with S-Wipes from Gaither Tool

Gaither Tool Company offers Winntec’s premium S-Wipes hand wipes (Y083039) — the perfect way to keep clean in even the dirtiest of shops. These environmentally friendly wipes come in a conveni...

Gaither Offers a Redesigned Version of its Powerful Tire Bead Seating Tool

Gaither Tool Co., Inc. introduces its completely redesigned Bead Bazooka with the new Tommy Gun release handle. This Bead Bazooka, with its new patent-pending 2'' MIS valve and Tommy Gun releas...

Ease Tire Handling With Gaither Tool's Winntec Wheel Assist

Gaither Tool Co. Inc. introduces the Winntec Wheel Assist. This tire-handling tool will make lifting and maneuvering heavy tire/wheel assemblies easier than ever before - making your shop more effi...

Recent News

Gaither Rolls Out the Next Generation of Mobile Tire Servicing

As an annual exhibitor at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the Illinois based Gaither Tool Co., who specializes in the manufacture and design of innovative tire servicing equipment, were dedicating the...

Greg Smith Equipment Sales Inc.

Phone: 317-542-0662Phone: 800-262-1950Fax: 317-542-1448
Contact: John Temple
5800 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis IN 46218

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