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Pacific Automotive Industries

Phone: 331-472-4635Phone: 714-508-3051 PO Box 890028
Temecula CA 92589-0028

Recent Products

Pacific Automotive's Multi-Task Press Offers Flexibility in a Range of Jobs

Pacific Automotive Industries Model 2000 Air Over Hydraulic 30 ton press comes with more than 30 standard accessories. Now the Model 2000 press comes with an upgraded bearing splitter, which the co...

Pacific Automotive Offers Strut Spring Compressor For High-Volume Shops

The Workshop Pro SPC-150 from Pacific Automotive is ideal for automotive service technicians combining speed, safety and simplicity. The SPC-150 uses an air over hydraulic strut spring compressor t...


Phone: 877-PBT-USA4 13795 Rider Trail North, Suite 109
Earth City MO 63045

Recent Products

PBT USA Offers Complete Kit for Timing Belt Replacement and Service

PBT USA offers a complete kit for timing belt replacement and service. The Timing Gear Holder securely holds the timing gear during removal or installation, preventing timing gear movement whil...

PBT USA Presents Vacuum Testing and Brake Bleeding Kit

The TestVac Vacuum Test Kit (80030) from PBT USA Inc. is the complete kit for all vacuum testing and brake bleeding requirements, says the company. The kit allows fast, efficient static testing and...

Use Your Cordless Drill with PBT's Kit to Pump Most Fluid Types

With the QuickFlow Drill Pump Kit (71196) from PBT USA, you can use your cordless drill to pump most fluid types. The kit features a universal adaptor with a rubber mounting strap to allow all ...

PCL Air Technology

Phone: 281-446-7300Fax: 832-300-7483 1717-B Humble Place Drive
Humble TX 77338


Phone: 800-373-6729Phone: 847-459-5043 440 Denniston Court
Wheeling IL 60090

Recent Products

New Professional Contact Cleaner From Penray

Penray, Inc. has introduced its new Professional Contact Cleaner for precision removal of harmful deposits and debris from electronic components. This Professional Contact Cleaner, p/n 7017, prov...

Penray's Aerosol Electrical Connector Seal Conforms to Any Shape or Size Connection

The biggest enemies of electrical connections are water and corrosive chemicals. That’s why Penray has introduced its aerosol Connector Seal 7015, which is designed to spray onto assembled elect...

Penray Now Offers New Tough Max All-Purpose Cleaners

This year's AAPEX/SEMA show saw the introduction of the latest innovation from Penray, Inc. Service professionals have long sought a cleaning product that is effective on all of the usual substances...

Penray Offers New-Generation Fuel System Additives for Gasoline Direct Injection Engines

  Auto service professionals and motorists alike recognize that the fuel systems in today's cars are much different from those in older models. Many late-model cars today are equipped with...

New Penray Crankcase and Differential Cleaner Removes Sludge, Moisture

No one doubts the importance of regular oil and filter changes, regardless of the type of vehicle they may own or service. And more knowledgeable folks also understand the importance of regular ch...

Plastic-Friendly MAF Sensor Cleaner Introduced by Penray

Penray Inc. has introduced its new cleaner for mass air flow (MAF) sensors, P/N 2520, which is designed to be plastic-friendly. It is well known that the delicate fine wire that senses the flow of...

Permatex Inc.

Fax: 860-543-6998Phone: 877-376-2839
Contact: Cary Zelich
10 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford CT 06106

Recent Products

Permatex 500° High Heat Epoxy Repairs Stand Up Under-the-Hood

Permatex now offers a new performance epoxy that is an ideal solution for underhood repairs that need to withstand extremely hot temperatures. Named a Best New Technology product at the 2021 AAPEX Sh...

New Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner

Permatex will be introducing Fast Orange Antibacterial Pumice Hand Cleaner, a heavy-duty hand cleaner, which includes antibacterial agents capable of killing 99% of germs. Fast Orange is one of th...

Select the Right Permatex Threadlocker

Permatex has unveiled a new color-matching packaging design for its popular line of threadlockers. The key component of the new design is t...

New Permatex Bolt Mark Identifies Fastener Loosening, Tampering

Permatex has introduced a new product designed to help professional technicians and DIYers alike easily identify loosening and tampering of nuts, bolts, fasteners and assemblies. Permatex Bolt Mark i...

Permatex Epoxy Innovations Help Improve Automotive, Home Repairs

Permatex has launched a new series of advanced epoxy adhesives. Designed as a two-part adhesive and filler system to help customers make better and easier repairs in a wide range of automotive, marin...

Permatex Expands High Temp Gasket Maker Range

Permatex has added four new, advanced high temperature gasket makers to its popular ULTRA, OPTIMUM, and The Right Stuff lines. The new gasket makers have been specially engineered to meet the technol...

Permatex Offers SCRUBS In-A-Bucket Professional-Grade Towels

Permatex, an innovator in chemical technology for automotive maintenance and repair, offers SCRUBS In-A-Bucket professional grade scrubbing towels for use in shops, garages, and around the house. Thi...

Permatex Expands Fast Orange Xtreme Hand Cleaner Line

Permatex, the innovator of Fast Orange cleaning products, has expanded its hand cleaner line with the addition of Permatex Fast Orange Xtreme Hand Cleaner in new Fresh Scent and Ultra Cherry fragr...

Permatex Introduces 2-In-1 Seal & Lock Solution

Permatex Seal & Lock Thread Compound combines the sealing capabilities of a thread sealant with the holding power of a blue, medium-strength threadlocker. Seal & Lock provides increased...

Permatex Introduces Fast Orange Grime Magnet Sponge for Oil Spills and Cleanup

Permatex and Fast Orange, has a new product designed to absorb oil spills and clean soiled surfaces. The Fast Orange Grime Magnet is a soap-infused sponge that quickly and effortlessly absorbs oil and...

Permatex Industrial-Strength Cleaner & Degreaser Features Carbon-Cutting Technology and Biodegradable Formula

Permatex has launched a new and very powerful parts cleaner and degreaser that features an advanced biodegradable formulation. Permatex Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser (12546) incorpor...

New Permatex Fast Orange Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Wash Kills Germs, Leaves Hands Feeling Smoother

Permatex has expanded the Fast Orange Hand Cleaner line with the addition of the Fast Orange Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Wash. Fast Orange Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Wash features an antibacteria...

Permatex Brake Parts Lubricant Protects Against Seizing, Reduces Noise

Permatex Silicone Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant prevents disc brake squeal and chatter while protecting caliper pins, sleeves, bushings and pistons against seizing and galling. It featu...

Permatex Fast Orange Xtreme Delivers Professional-Grade Hand Cleaning and Skin Protection

Permatex has expanded its Fast Orange Hand Cleaner line with the addition of Permatex Fast Orange Xtreme Hand Cleaner. This new, professional-grade formulation is designed specifically for automot...

Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser Easily Tackles Dirt, Grease and Grime

Permatex offers its Spray Nine Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser as an ideal solution for professional service technicians and do-it-yourselfers for tackling tough, hard to clean dirt and grime. Unlike...

Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV Gasket Maker Specially Formulated To Resist Synthetic Motor Oils

Permatex has introduced a new advanced formula RTV that is specially designed for use on vehicles with synthetic motor oils. The new Permatex Ultra Synthetic RTV Gasket Maker is formulated to resist t...

Permatex Gasket Maker Line Now in Easy-To-Use Tubes

Permatex has just repackaged its Ultra Series RTV Gasket Maker line in new, advanced and easy-to-use tubes. The new packaging contains the same Ultra Series formulations and the same amount of fill...

Permatex Self-fusing Silicone Tape Creates Instant Waterproof Seal

Permatex has introduced its Self-fusing Silicone Tape (P/N 82112) for use in a wide variety of automotive and general repair applications. This fast acting tape bonds to itself and instantly creates a...

Permatex Fast Orange Features Innovative Rocker Cap Bottle

Permatex has released its performance proven Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner in a new and convenient rocker cap bottle. The new rocker cap allows easy, one-hand use and helps keep the bottle free of...

Recent News

Permatex Launches Online Training Portal

Permatex has recently launched a new online training portal ( designed to educate countermen and professional automotive technicians on the company’s core product lines and...

Permatex: Avoid 10 Common Epoxy Mistakes

Epoxy adhesives are a valuable chemical tool that can save the day in the garage, in the shop or around the house. Whether in a liquid or stick form, epoxies can create bonds that are strong enoug...

Phoenix Systems

Phone: 888-749-7977 4012 S. River Road, Suite 4B
St. George UT 84790

Recent Products

Phoenix Systems Offers Double-Ended Test Strip For Coolant, Brake Fluid Testing

Phoenix Systems has launched its new Coolant + Brake Fluid test strip. This double-ended test strip is the first test strip on the market that can diagnose both Coolant and Brake Fluid quality, accord...

Recent News

Phoenix Systems Sends Facebook Giveaway Winner to Meet Larry McReynolds for All-Star Race

Phoenix Systems, maker BrakeShot, BrakeStrip and Reverse Brake & Clutch Bleeders, announced the winner of its 2015 Win Race Tickets Facebook Giveaway. Suzanne Cleary Drews from Edgewater, FL, is t...

Phoenix Systems And NAPA Announce New Retail Agreement

Phoenix Systems has announced an agreement with NAPA/Balkamp to put Phoenix Systems products in their stores. As part of this agreement, NAPA locations will now have access to BrakeStrip Brake Fluid T...

PICO Technology Ltd.

Phone: 800-591-2796

Recent Products

Saelig Introduces PicoScope Electric Vehicle Test Kit with Smart Accessory Interfaces

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the new PicoScope 4425A EV Oscilloscope Kit, designed to provide a comprehensive diagnostics capability for all types of vehicles with electric and internal combustio...

Pico Technology Launches New Diagnostic Oscilloscopes

Pico Technology launches the new PicoScope 4425A and 4225A diagnostic oscilloscopes available in 4-channel and 2-channel configurations. This latest diagnostic PicoScope combines all the strengths of...

PicoScope 4823: 8-Channel High-Speed Automotive Oscilloscope

Pico Technology launches the PicoScope 4823, its first 8-channel oscilloscope for the automotive market. The PicoScope 4823 oscilloscope is ideal for those involved in advanced diagnostics, train...

Diagnose Faults with Pico Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit

The Pico Engine and Hydraulics kit combines the company’s diesel diagnostics kit with two WPS600C hydraulic pressure transducers, enabling you to accurately and quickly diagnose faults on many d...

Diagnose Low-Pressure Fuel Systems Problems with Pico Sight Block

The introduction of the Pico Sight Block opens up another level of diagnostic capability to the company’s WPS500X Pressure Transducer. This accessory is extremely useful when you are looking for...

Pico Technology Lets You Turn Your PC into a Powerful Diagnostic Tool

The recently introduced two-channel PicoScope 4225 and four-channel PicoScope 4425 are the company’s fifth generation of automotive PC oscilloscopes. They are five times faster and have eight ...

Pico Technology Current Clamp Covers Gasoline and Diesel Applications

The 200 A / 2000 A current clamp from Pico Technology allows you to measure up to 2,000 amps without cutting, disconnecting or stripping wires. Simply clamp the jaws around the cable to be tested ...

PicoScope Oscilloscope Kits Contain Diagnostic Essentials

A PicoScope (sometimes known as a labscope) turns your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful diagnostic tool. Think of it as the X-ray machine of diagnostics, letting you see the changing signals insid...

New Pico Technology Coil-On-Plug (COP) And Signal Probe

Pico Technology has introduced a Coil-on-Plug (COP) and Signal Probe for the non-contact testing of coil-on-plug ignition coils, spark plugs, injectors, inductive actuators and other high-voltage ...

Tackle Vehicle NVH With PicoScope's New Diagnostics Kit

Pico Technology brings a new level of functionality and ease of use to its PicoScope NVH Diagnostic kit. This award-winning system provides technicians worldwide with the tools to tackle troubleso...

The Next Generation of Automotive Oscilloscopes from Pico Technology

Pico Technology has launched the next generation of Automotive PicoScopes with a host of exciting features and has again managed to massively improve the performance but keep the same price. The new s...

PicoScope Offers Diagnostics Kit for Noise, Vibration and Harshness Testing

The PicoScope NVH Diagnostics Kit provides a breakthrough in accurate analysis of vehicle noise, vibration and harshness problems. Using the large display of your existing laptop, this system combines...

Pinnacle Automotive Systems

Phone: 855-839-2626 22703 Racine Street
Robertsdale AL 36567

Recent Products

Pinnacle Automotive Systems Presents Next Generation Heavy Truck Aligner

Pinnacle Automotive Systems is proud to present the next generation Jumbo 3D Heavy Truck Aligner (J3DHDA) with the ability to align six axles simultaneously in under three minutes, which can also...


Platt & LaBonia Company

Phone: 800 505-9099Phone: 203 239-5681 70 Stoddard Avenue
North Haven CT 06473

Plews & Edelmann

Phone: 800-770-4639Fax: 815-673-7019 1550 Franklin Grove
Dixon IL 61021

Recent Products

Plews & Edelmann Automotive Fittings & Assortments Catalog

Plews & Edelmann has released its Edelmann Automotive Fittings & Assortments catalog for the automotive aftermarket (P/N 90079). The catalog contains more than 800 part numbers with the addit...


Phone: 940-595-1112Fax: 940-566-0970 219 Fort Worth Drive
Denton TX 76201



Phone: 888-765-5732Fax: 515-244-4273 600 SE Raccoon
Des Moines IA 50309

Recent Products

Warm Enough For You? Stay Cool with PolarCool

  PolarCool is a portable evaporative cooling system that is effective in providing spot and area cooling for a multitude of applications that normally would prove to be costly or inefficient to c...


Phone: 800-633-3047 1128 Kirk Road
Rainsville AL 35986

Recent Products

Polyvance Offers Slot Tab Repair for Easy Bumper Repair

Polyvance’s 6146 Bumper Pliers Kit makes it easier for techs to repair the rectangular “slot tabs” found on bumper covers. The kit comes with six steel forming dies varying from 3/8” (1...


Phone: 800-695-2942 711 ​FM 2468
Center TX 75935

Recent Products

PortaCool Releases Maintenance Free Cooling Unit

The PortaCool Jetstream 240 portable evaporative cooling unit (PACJS2401A1) provides maximum adaptability for cooling. The unit is energy-efficient and comes with variable speeds for maximum comf...

Keep Bays Cool with Portacool Portable Evaporative Cooler

Worker productivity can suffer when it’s hot. Portacool evaporative coolers can help keep workers cool and performing at their best. Shop's can maintain comfort with the Portacool Jetstream 2...


Phone: 541-935-9628Phone: 541-953-0679Fax: 541-935-2355 25587 Lamb Road
Elmira OR 97437

Recent Products

Portasol Professional Soldering Iron

Portasol introduced the SuperPro 125 Professional Soldering Iron (SP-1) for the automotive professional. This unique soldering iron is portable and easy to use. There are no cords or wires – it...

Portasol Butane Torch Features Wind-Resistant, Adjustable Flame

  Portasol's GT220 Professional Butane Torch is designed for the automotive professional. This unique butane torch is portable and easy to use. There are no cords or wires – it’s co...

Portasol Welding Kit Saves Time Repairing Plastic

Save the time and expense of replacing cracked or broken plastic components with Portasol's PP75 Plastic Welding Kit for the automotive professional. Repair any plastic part with the PP75 Plastic ...

Portasol Releases New Professional Soldering Iron

Portasol introduced the ProPiezo 75 Professional Soldering Iron for the automotive professional. This unique soldering iron is portable and easy to use. There are no cords or wires – it’s c...

Posi Lock Puller, Inc.

Phone: 701-797-2600Fax: 701-797-2706
Contact: Tamara Somerville[email protected]
805 Sunflower Ave.
Cooperstown ND 58425

Powder Market

Phone: 888-326-4840Fax: 615-459-7227 699 President Place, Suite 402
Smyrna TN 37167

Powder-X Coating Systems

Phone: 888-326-4840Fax: 615-793-5521 1118 Stones River Court
LaVergne TN 37086

Power Probe

Phone: 888-201-9831Fax: 714-990-9478 890 Mariner Street
Brea CA 92821

Recent Products

Power Probe Introduces Multi-Use Circuit Tester

Power Probe Tek introduces The Maestro, a multi-use circuit tester with built-in diagnostic power. This tool simplifies the testing of fuse boxes and verifies correct operation of motors, l...

The Hook by Power Probe offers Diagnostics and Testing

The Hook by Power Probe is both a diagnostic tool and electronic circuit tester that works on 12-48 VDC systems. The Hook powers large loads up to 100 amps and features power-up components, measu...

Power Probe Diagnostic Tool and Electronic Circuit Tester

The Hook by Power Probe is both a diagnostic tool and electronic circuit tester that works on 12-48 VDC systems. The Hook powers large loads up to 100 amps and features power-up components, measu...

Quickly Find Short/Open Circuits with Power Probe ECT3000

The Power Probe ECT3000 Electrical Circuit Tracer (PPECT3000) is an intelligent short and open finder that makes locating short and open circuits quicker and more accurate than ever before, says t...

Limited Time Offer: New Color for Power Probe Tools

Power Probe is now offering its Power Probe III or IV in bright green. The tools feature the same functionality, are the same essential tools as the classic red tools. The green versions are availa...

Power Probe Offers New Short/Open Finder

  The new Power Probe ECT3000 Electrical Circuit Tracer (PPECT3000) is an intelligent short and open finder that makes locating short and open circuits quicker and more accurate than ever before. ...

Performing a Parasitic Draw Test with Power Probe Hook

This video shows you how the Hook helps you locate unwanted battery drains and isolate the problem circuit without removing fuses.   Click here to view the video: http://www.powerprobe.c...

Power Probe Offers a Tool for Technicians of All Levels

Power Probe is introducing the Power Probe IV. The advanced AC/DC voltmeter offers 50 ms testing AC and DC, min/max voltage/ reading capture and a field-replaceable switch and circuit breaker, as w...

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