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Top 5 Tools: Adam Freeman, C and G Auto

Here are the Top 5 Favorite Tools of Adam Freeman, the lead technician at C and G Auto in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Liquid Tools: Choose Your Maintenance Chemicals Based On The Application

The shelves in most parts stores are stocked with an abundance of aerosol maintenance products – everything from cleaners to lubricants. The huge selection of products can be overwhelming, leading to confusion about which product you should purchase for a given application.

TPMS Update: Servicing Imports Starts with the Right Tools

There is only one trick to servicing TPMS systems in imports, and that is to buy the right tools. A TPMS tool that can interface through the OBD II port is necessary to profitably perform TPMS relearns and sensor replacement. For this article, we’ll use Nissan as an example. TPMS systems began appearing in Nissans

Pulling Codes: P00C6 – Direct And To The Point

In this month’s Pulling Codes case, Contributing Writer Carlton Banks addresses a direct injection fuel pressure code (P00C6-Fuel Rail Pressure Low during Engine Cranking). The owner of a 2012 Chevrolet Impala states it appears to lose power at times. After the vehicle runs for quite some time, the power issue appears to go away.