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VIM Ultra Thin Trim Tool Set

VIM Tools offers a new four-piece Door Panel and Trim Tool Set. All tools are made with an ultra-thin, strong design for access in tight spots.

Thexton Exhaust Backpressure Test Kit

The kit includes punch, 5/16” x 1/2” self-tapping bolts, test adapter, O2 sensor port fitting, heat-resistant silicone tipped hose and 0-15 PSI gauge.

Imperial Tools Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

The adjustable oil filter wrench by Imperial Tools offers a self-adjusting heavy-duty design that grabs the filter and automatically tightens.

ACDelco Power Tools Offers New 3-Piece Set

“Your Complete Tool Kit” from ACDelco Power Tools is designed to include specific, meaningful tools to help you get the job done.

E-Z Red Easy to Use Memory Saver

The E-Z Red MS4000 automotive memory saver features a direct-wired OBD II connector plug for ease of use and a 12-volt 4.5-amp hour sealed battery.

Hickok/Waekon I/M Fuel Cap Pressure Tester Kit

The battery-operated handheld tester electronically checks a fuel cap’s ability to hold pressure.

Redback Slip-On Work Boots

Direct attached construction provides a highly flexible, lightweight and durable design and double gore elastic sides allow for easy on/off accessibility.

Killer Tools Aluminum Weld Station

The 110-volt station includes an aluminum and steel stud welder that welds 4 mm and 6 mm studs.

Innova Drives More Business to Repair Shops

This car technology system for the aftermarket collects vehicle maintenance information and diagnostic trouble codes and generates timely alerts so motorists, repair shops and parts stores can address maintenance needs promptly.

ATEQ TPMS Sensor Activator, Reader

The VT31 has the ability to accurately read tire pressure as well as all TPMS sensor information, including sensor ID, pressure, frequency, temperature and battery life.

Assenmacher Specialty Tools 10-Piece Line Disconnect Set

Assenmacher Specialty Tools’ 10-piece Line Disconnect Set (AST 1018) is ideal for quick removal and replacement of fuel filters and fuel, oil cooler and transmission oil cooler lines.

Astro Pneumatic Compact Finishing Palm Sander

Weighing only 1.5 lbs., the sander has an orbital rotation, built-in speed regulator and ergonomic design for long-term operation.