Equal Air Inc. Offers the Psiclops Precision Tire Pressure Balancing Tool

Equal Air Inc. Offers the Psiclops Precision Tire Pressure Balancing Tool

The Psiclops is a patented (and patent pending) precision tire pressure balancing tool with many great features, the most obvious of which is its ability to exactly balance then adjust the pressure in any two tires simultaneously.

"Psiclops (pronounced: cyclops) is not a tire gauge, but it has one built in."

That’s a provocative thing for us to say, but it’s true. The Psiclops is a patented (and patent pending) precision tire pressure balancing tool with many great features, the most obvious of which is its ability to EXACTLY BALANCE THEN ADJUST the pressure in any two tires simultaneously. Simply attach the plated brass quick-chucks to the valve stems of the tires you want balanced, then wait a few seconds while you stand comfortably – your tire pressures will be identical to one another. Now you can bleed or add air as needed! It’s simple, and very fast for one person to use.

Pick up a Psiclops and you’ll feel rugged quality. Its ergonomic grip makes it look sexy, but the Psiclops is built to last and we back it up with a no questions asked limited lifetime warranty. Simply put, you break it, we fix or replace it…forever. Obviously, no one gives that kind of warranty unless they produce a quality tool.

The Psiclops outer casing is heavy cast aluminum, finished with either a bright polish or a black textured coating, depending on the model. We use 5/32" tempered glass for our dial face because tempered glass is very difficult to scratch, takes much more abuse and cleans up more easily than plastic.

Now look closely at the dial face behind the crystal. Attach one of the quick-chucks to a tire and you’ll immediately see why we call it Night Psight. You can read a Psiclops just as well at midnight as you can at noon! Every Psiclops is equipped with APS (Automatic Pressure Sensing) electronics which cause the dial face to auto-illuminate when it is attached to a tire and turn off when detached. No buttons or timers. It’s not magic, of course, but you might catch yourself saying abracadabra to your friends the first time you show them how it works. It’s not quite that simple though, because there are no bulbs or LEDs. The Psiclops dial face is actually an ultra-low-power-consuming electroluminescent (EL) panel, powered by two included AAA size batteries. It will stay illuminated for days on end, literally.

In addition, the Psiclops is designed to withstand pressures far greater than what is used on any vehicle with pneumatic tires. Those black hoses may bend easily and look good, but they are very, very tough.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention the built-in tire gauge! Each gauge movement is tested for accuracy at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 of full scale before it can be used in a Psiclops. It’s not enough to balance your tire pressures…you also have to know exactly how much pressure they have. Match that accuracy to the giant 2.5” face, and you will be able to dial-in your pressures exactly where you want them…fast.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tuner, drive a top fuel dragster or an RV, we have a Psiclops model just for you.

For additional information, visit www.drivebalanced.com.

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