Pilot Travel Centers, GM & EVgo Partner on EV Charging

Pilot Travel Centers, GM & EVgo Partner on EV Charging

The companies have opened the first 17 locations of their national electric vehicle fast charging network.

Pilot Travel Centers LLC, in collaboration with General Motors (GM) and EVgo Inc., has opened the first 17 locations of their national electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network. Spanning 13 states, this network aims to enhance the charging experience for EV drivers by providing access to amenities available at existing Pilot and Flying J travel centers.

Adam Wright, CEO of Pilot Travel Centers LLC, expressed optimism about the network’s impact on EV adoption. “EV drivers are eager for a better charging experience and to have more charging locations along America’s most traveled corridors. These new charging locations and the many more to come, will be critical for improving range confidence,” Wright said. “As interest in EVs continues to grow, we believe our network can be a catalyst to getting more EV drivers on the road.”

The development of this fast-charging infrastructure is a result of collaboration between Pilot Travel Centers LLC, GM, EVgo, public agencies and utilities. The partnership focuses on creating a practical and accessible charging experience for long-distance EV travel, the companies said.

Key features of the charging network include multiple fast charging stalls capable of delivering up to 350kW, protective canopies, pull-through stalls for EVs with trailers, well-lit and centrally located chargers monitored by onsite staff, restrooms, food and beverage options, free Wi-Fi and Plug and Charge compatibility.

EV travelers can locate these charging stations through GM’s brand apps, Pilot’s myRewards Plus app, the EVgo app, PlugShare and other EV-focused applications. Starting in spring 2024, GM and Pilot Travel Centers LLC will offer exclusive benefits for GM drivers, including charger reservations and discounts.

Wade Sheffer, vice president of GM Energy, highlighted GM’s commitment to an all-electric future. “This new network will provide EV drivers with a quality charging experience and greater peace of mind during road trips,” Sheffer stated.

By the end of 2023, at least 25 Pilot and Flying J travel centers are expected to feature EV fast charging, with a target of around 200 locations by the end of 2024. The network aims to include up to 2,000 high-power charging stalls at up to 500 Pilot and Flying J centers nationwide, linking various communities and major travel corridors.

Dennis Kish, COO of EVgo, emphasized the customer-centric approach of the collaboration. “With robust amenities, optimal corridor locations, high-power charging and more, our collaboration with GM and Pilot Company puts drivers first and boosts range confidence for every EV traveler on the road,” Kish said.

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