The Proof is in the Vital Fluid Analysis from Fluid Rx Diagnostics

The Proof Is in Vital Fluid Analysis from Fluid Rx Diagnostics

The test provides a comprehensive evaluation of each fluid’s additive package, dispersant properties and total debris content.

For 20 years, Vital Fluid Analysis from Fluid Rx Diagnostics has provided progressive-minded service facilities with the power of proof. This quick and easy-to-perform process transforms how fluids are tested and evaluated and why services are recommended.  

“Why Vital Fluid Analysis works is that it supplies a scientific basis for consumers to cling to,” said Magna-Guard, Inc. CEO Ron McElroy. “This is the only on-site fluid testing process that gives service advisors the facts as to ‘why’ and ‘when’ vital fluid services are required. Proof it’s time to change sells the service.” 

Fluid Rx Diagnostics’ Vital Fluids Analysis advanced performs separate testing for all four major transmission fluids and power steering fluids. The test provides a comprehensive evaluation of each fluid’s additive package, dispersant properties and total debris content. 

“Fluid Rx Diagnostics delivers precise results in an easy to present format that earns consumer trust and allows them to say ‘yes’ to your service recommendations. It is truly a situation of eliminating the burden of not having the proof,” McElroy said.

A simple fact: All modern lubricants contain additives that inhibit breakdown. When these additives become depleted, the fluid degrades and can no longer perform its intended function. 

A simple truth: Fluid Rx Diagnostics measure additive depletion and the level of sludge or debris in fluids or oil.  The International Standards Organization (ISO) Diagnostics Charts show how specific fluids appear at various points of depletion on their certified Test Sheet; “GOOD,” “CHANGE” or “OVERDUE”.

Fluid Rx Instant Lubricant Diagnostics follows all Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) Standards and California BAR guidelines when making fluid service recommendations.  The test results show the condition of a vehicle’s vital fluids including brake, power steering, transmission fluids, differential, transfer case and crankcase oils.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics helps technicians and consumers make informed decisions on why and when fluid services are to be performed. 

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