Victor Reinz Reinzosil Sealant Added to Spicer CV Service Kits

Victor Reinz Reinzosil Sealant Added to Spicer CV Service Kits

Victor Reinz Reinzosil vulcanizing silicone boosts resistance to various fluids, making it sensor-safe for a wide range of applications.

Dana Inc. has integrated its RTV sealing product, Victor Reinz Reinzosil, into its Spicer commercial vehicle (CV) service kits. Bill Nunnery, senior director of sales and marketing for Dana’s global aftermarket division, said the Spicer CV service kits aim to enhance uptime and streamline the service and repair process. He highlighted the inclusion of Reinzosil silicone in the kits, emphasizing its versatility and warranty compliance when used with Spicer CV kit products.

Victor Reinz Reinzosil room-temperature vulcanizing (RTV) silicone boasts resistance to various fluids, including oils, fuels and water, making it sensor-safe and suitable for a wide range of applications. Unlike other RTV products, Reinzosil sealant does not shrink or lose weight in high-heat environments, providing durability, the company said.

Spicer CV kits now feature Reinzosil silicone along with essential service components like oil seals, bearings, washers, rings, pins and spacers.

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