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10K Dual Scissor Lift from Coats Fits Virtually Anywhere

The 10K Dual Scissor Lift features retractable pull-out decks and can be flush or surface mounted.

The 10K Dual Scissor Lift features volumetric control, retractable pull-out decks and can be flush or surface mounted.
Coats Offers Leverless Tire Changer

The quick-action center clamp is simple to use and reduces the probability of wheel damage.

COATS Introduces Inspection Lane

Instantly generate a visual selling tool to share alignment and tire health data with your customers.

Coats Aligner’s Quick Checks Help Boost Consumer Confidence

An automatic power tracking camera makes doing alignments at any rack height possible without adjusting the machine.

Build Service Opportunities with Coats’ Tread Depth Scanner

The Tread Depth Scanner instantly generates a visual selling tool to show customers.

Coats Leverless Tire Changer for Difficult, Expensive or Delicate Wheels

The center post clamping system with Smart Lock cam quickly locks wheels into place with minimal effort.

APS 3000 Leverless Tire Changer
COATS Solutions: Tools That Reduce Vibration Related Comebacks

Protect your reputation and keep your customers happy.

Coats Light-Duty Wheel Balancer from Hennessy

The Coats 885 wheel balancer delivers automatic wheel data entry, direct tape-a-weight placement, auto-start hood and more.

Coats 885 wheel balancer
Coats Direct Drive Wheel Balancer

The balancer automatically positions the wheel at the weight placement location and locks the spindle in place for easy, accurate weight application.

Coats RC-55 Rim Clamp Tire Changer Built for High Speed Service

The RC-55 features the RC-Robo-Arm, which allows technicians to efficiently change difficult wheel applications, such as low-profile wheels and run-flat tires.

New Coats Brand Lift Line Introduced by Hennessy Industries

The two-post lifts are available from 9,000 lbs. to 18,000 lbs. Platform or four-post lifts are available in either service or alignment models.

Hennessy Industries’ Coats brand automotive lift lin
Coats Introduces New Automotive Lift Line

The new line ranges from commercial light- and medium-duty lifts, all the way to heavy-duty and mobile columns in more than 60 models.