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Malco Eagle Grip Pliers

A familiar tool with some finishing touches.

Presta Products Launches Apex Cleaning Wipes

Dual-sided wipes clean heavy soils and scrub away grime with a safe for hands formula.

Malco Launches American-Made Eagle Grip Locking Tools

The first six products in the Eagle Grip line include locking pliers and clamps for use in automotive applications.

Malco Launches Disinfectant Wipes and Ready to Use Cleaner

New product line expands consumer and automotive product portfolios to clean and protect.

Malco Unveils Impact-Grade Magnetic Chuck Drivers

These power drivers are precisely machined for positive, fail-proof engagement of the fastener head, with unique high-torque steel construction and a design that absorbs and dissipates impact-driver-induced stress at peak loads.

Malco Announces New 7-8 Mm Size of C-RHEX Drivers

Available in four lengths, C-RHEX drivers are quick to set up and change between sizes while the driver shank remains installed in the drill chuck.

Malco Introduces New Millimeter Sizes of C-RHEX Driver

Available in three lengths, C-RHEX millimeter hex drivers are quick to set up and change between sizes, while the driver shank remains installed in the drill chuck.

Malco Releases Universal Three-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench

Its universal and compact design is ideal for most vehicles with spin-on oil filter sizes ranging from 2.4 to 3.6 in.

Malco Products, SBC Introduces Axial Welding Pliers

The fast, secure clamping and one-finger release of Malco’s axial welding pliers help workers quickly, easily and accurately hold two pieces of metal together to weld more perfect joints.

Malco Products, SBC Begins Production of New Locking Pliers at Former VISE-GRIP Factory

After 10 years, tool manufacturing officially returns to DeWitt, Nebraska, as Malco Products, SBC celebrates the grand opening of its new production facility.

Malco Tool Attachments Now Even More User/Drill-Friendly

Malco introduces a versatile new hex shank drive shaft that fits a broad range of drills. This expanded drill compatibility also includes impact drivers with 1/4-inch quick release chucks.