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MARTINS Introduces Premium Stud and Hub Cleaning Tools

Made in one-piece, the Stud and Hub cleaning tools are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

MARTINS Launches Its Own Line of Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches offer increased power to allow workers to perform tasks simply and safely.

 MARTINS announces the launch of its own impact wrenches and socket sets line. This new line of tools called impulse aims to diversify its offer and thus meet market needs. 
Martins Gets Tough About Safety with Checkpoint

Tire and wheel equipment manufacturer Martins has recently acquired the UK-based Checkpoint, a leader in wheel safety.

17 New Products for Repair Shops Under MARTINS INDUSTRIES Brand

From hydraulic floor jacks to adjustable jack stands, MARTINS offers tire service equipment for a wide range of load capacities.

MARTINS Presents New Version of the Tire Rider Tuff Tire Cart

Tire industry workers will no longer have to worry about changing the tire cart’s gas cylinder – the piece of the mechanism that opens and closes the clamps to pick up the tires.

Power Lifter from Martins Industries Lifts SUV and Light Truck Wheels

Striving to meet the needs of people working in the tire industry, MARTINS INDUSTRIES introduces new features to its Power Lifter tire and wheel lifter.

Martins Industries Tests Traditional Tire Inflation Methods with ‘Inflation Challenge’

The challenge features a seasoned mechanic with years of industry experience going head-to-head with a novice using Martins Inflation Pit Stop to seat and inflate tires in a race against the clock.

Martin’s Industries Tire Cart Reduces Injuries with Heavy Tires

The Martin’s Industries tire cart, the Tire Rider Tuff, reduces handling, reduces the number of trips and helps avoid work stoppages and workplace accidents, particularly back injuries.

Martins Industries Improves Workplace Safety with Canuck Tire Puck

The Canuck Tire Puck trolley helps to prevent common workplace injuries and accidents by reducing the need for labor-intensive tire handling.

Martins Industries Improves Safety, Efficiency With New Line of Tire Inflation Cages

Martins is introducing a series of heavy-duty Tire Inflation Cages that will virtually eliminate the possibility of injury during the tire inflation process.

Martins Industries Eliminates User Fatigue with Mobile Impact Wrench Stand

The new stand is compatible with most impact wrenches and features a solid gas cylinder and a steel bracket for maximum strength, stability and durability.