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Autel Energy Makes Debut at Detroit Auto Show

Among the products introduced were Level 2 chargers, DC bidirectional vehicle-to-everything charging, DC fast charging and more.

How To Fix a Blower Motor That’s Not Working

The customer is complaining that it sounds like there’s a helicopter behind the dash of his 2014 Jetta.

Selling TPMS At The Front Counter

Kristen Criswell answers common questions that shops experience on a daily basis regarding TPMS.

Servicing R1234yf: Are You Ready?

“What was once a simple creature comfort for upscale motorists, air conditioning systems of today are true thermal management systems, providing not only comfort, but also essential cooling to battery packs and onboard computers in hybrid vehicles.”

Fuel Pump Codes and Control: Keeping Pressure In The Zone

The first electric fuel pump circuits were very simple. The pump circuit usually involved a relay and fuse.

A/C Oil Service: Achieving Balance

Not following the proper service procedures or compressor oil recommendations could be factors that contribute to premature compressor failure.

TPMS And Radio Waves: What You Can’t See Can Hold Up A Relearn

TPMS and keyless entry can be difficult to understand because these systems rely on transmitting, receiving and decoding radio waves.

Direct Fuel Injection Diagnostics

Direct injection is becoming standard on more and more late-model vehicles. These systems can be a diagnostic challenge but, with the right foundation, problems can be solved profitably.

Transmissions and Scan Tools

Even with codes and data stream information, you must be able to think like the transmission to find the correct diagnosis, which typically doesn’t involve replacing the entire transmission.

Getting The TPMS Light Out On The First Try

Whether the customer brings in the vehicle with a TPMS light triggered, or one triggers as a result of performing some tire service, not being able to turn off the MIL can sometimes cause headaches for shops.

Scan Tool Freeze Frames: Using Generic Data to Make a Specific Diagnosis

As part of OBDII, Mode$02 for the logging or freeze frame data was created. This diagnostic protocol saves data PIDs and information when a code is set.

SAE J2534, Part II: How Much Money Are You Losing By Not Doing Vehicle Reflashing?

I would like to use this followup article to lower the fear factor and tell you what to expect when setting up a computer to run a J2534-supported software program.