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Power Probe Introduces Multi-Use Circuit Tester

The Maestro wirelessly pairs with the Power Probe Tek App, allowing for a wireless remote display as well as data streaming or recording.

The Hook by Power Probe offers Diagnostics and Testing

The Hook powers large loads up to 100 amps with multiple features for electrical diagnostics.

the Hook Diagnostic Tool and Electronic Circuit Tester
Power Probe Diagnostic Tool and Electronic Circuit Tester

The Hook by Power Probe is both a diagnostic tool and electronic circuit tester that works on 12-48 VDC systems.

Quickly Find Short/Open Circuits with Power Probe ECT3000

When the ECT3000 Transmitter is connected to an isolated circuit, it will quickly determine if the circuit has an open or if the circuit is shorted.

Performing a Parasitic Draw Test with Power Probe Hook

This video shows you how the Hook helps you locate unwanted battery drains and isolate the problem circuit without removing fuses.

Power Probe Offers a Tool for Technicians of All Levels

The advanced AC/DC voltmeter offers 50 ms testing AC and DC, min/max voltage/reading capture and a field-replaceable switch and circuit breaker, as well as easy resistance testing: 0.001-100K ohms accuracy, with load test circuits and a circuit health check.