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ProMAXX Tool Introduces New 3/8 in. ProChuck and Key

ProMAXX Tool’s new 3/8 in. ProChuck and Key is designed for limited access areas.

ProMAXX Introduces 29-Piece PowerDrill Set

The set features precision ground points, flutes, clearance and drill diameters, plus a larger composition of cobalt to boost drilling capability to an Rc55.

ProMAXX 300 Series Facilitates Exhaust Manifold Repairs

All three complete kits facilitate the quick and easy removal of exhaust manifold bolts, allowing technicians to service more vehicles and increase their profits.

ProMAXX Introduces Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit for Ford International 7.3L

The new Quido ProKit, a precision-engineered tool that enables the quick and easy removal of broken exhaust manifold bolts in the Ford 7.3L International engine.

ProMAXX ProKit Repairs Exhaust Manifolds Fast

ProMAXX Tool announced the new Megan ProKit, which serves both authorized Ford dealers and independent shops by facilitating the easy removal of broken exhaust manifold bolts in the Ford 6.2L V8 engine.

ProMaxx Tool Introduces a New Way To Boost Exhaust Manifold Repairs

Elizabeth is now available in three versions: ProPlate only for those customers who already have a ProMAXX 200 series product; Base Kit for the basic essentials to complete a repair; and the ProKit that includes all the accessories to deliver the fastest repair possible.

Even Faster Exhaust Manifold Repair from ProMaxx

The tool guarantees alignment and perpendicularity of drilling dead center, requiring less torque and reduced risk of screw extractor breakage.

ProMAXX Tool Announces New Ford Oil Dipstick Removal Tool

The stainless-steel Oil Tube Extractor screws into the damaged tube and bites into the steel tube, which allows it to remove the damaged piece from the top of the block.

Remove Ford Fuel Injectors Fast with ProMAXX Tool’s PowerPull

In working with certified Ford Senior Master Technicians, ProMAXX engineered a system that eliminates the current method of bolting the removal tool to the head.

PowerPull ProKit Ford Fuel Injector Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel
ProMAXX Tool Kit Makes Exhaust Manifold Repair Faster Than Before

The Myra 200 Series is capable of eliminating accidental drilling into the coolant passages, and it can support the removal of broken screw extractors, reducing cylinder head removal.

Myra 200 Series ProKit for Dodge/Jeep
Easily Remove Damaged Studs with ProMAXX’s Tool

The set was engineered to cut repair time from one to two hours per stud to about 10-15 minutes.

ProMAXX Tool Announces New Fuel Injector Hold-Down Bolt Repair

This kit allows techs to repair the fuel injector hold-down bolt found in the Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel engines.