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The objective of these reviews is to give our readers everything they need to know to make informed buying decisions.

For TechShop to deliver the most relevant information to our readers, the products we review should be the same products our audience can purchase, whether from their local tool distributor or from a local jobber.

Whether we request your product or you send it to us unsolicited, we cannot guarantee it will be reviewed. (Not every product fits into our planning and editorial mission.) Products will not be returned.

Please include:

  • A press kit with high-resolution product photo files
  • PR contact information
  • Technical specifications, if relevant
  • Technical contacts, if relevant

Most product reviews include photographs of the product; and may include a link to your product video.
For questions, send an email to [email protected].

Send tool samples to:
Sean Donohue, publisher
3550 Embassy Parkway
Akron, OH 44333