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Honda Civic: Failed PCMs And CAN System Diagnostics

It’s not unusual for me to get help requests through my e-mail. Sometimes it’s from working technicians, other times it’s from vehicle owners who can’t get their problems solved through professional repair shops. In early 2014, I received one...


Servicing Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC Suspensions

The Mercedes-Benz AIRMATIC suspension system was introduced in 1999 on the S-Class and has subsequently been used on the E-Class and most of the automaker’s SUVs. The system employs electronically controlled air springs that provide an ideal balance...


Mazda: Performing Regular Undercar Maintenance

In this article, we’ll take a look at brake and undercar service on the Mazda vehicle lineup, with the footnote that even though this type of work ­becomes routine when you have a preventive maintenance mindset, good work habits from beginning to end...


GM Power Steering Noise/Leaks

GM: Power Steering Noise/Leaks from Power Steering Pump, Gear or High Pressure Hose During Extreme Low Temperature Conditions MODELS: -2009-2015 Buick LaCrosse (Equipped with Hydraulic Power Steering) -2010-2013 Buick Regal -2012-2015 Buick...


Ford Edge Brake Replacement

Ford Edge Brake Replacement Basics The Ford Edge is an SUV based on the CD3 platform. The brakes on these vehicles are straightforward and do not break any new ground. There were no major changes to the brake systems from 2007 to the current model. For...


Live-Axle Wheel Bearing Replacement

Replacing wheel bearings on a vehicle with a live rear axle may not be one of the most frequent jobs, but it can be one of the most profitable. While the basics have not changed in more than 60 years, new seal materials and differential designs have...


Solving Carbon Deposits In Direct Fuel Injection Engines

Symptom: Misfire codes, stumbling and suspicious fuel trim numbers. On a scan tool, the engine may show a loss in volumetric efficiency. The driver may complain about a loss of power, poor fuel economy and hard starts. Cause: Carbon deposits on...


Using Your Oscilloscope: Current Ramp Test Ignition Coils

Regardless of design configuration, the role of the ignition coil is to multiply battery voltage into high voltage. Following Ohm’s law for the conversion of volts to amperes, oil-filled coils generally require 3 to 5 amperes of primary current...


Serial Data Bus Diagnostics

Understanding The Function of Serial Data Buses If serial data buses did not exist, a wiring harness would have to be five times its normal size and use twice as many sensors to deliver the same level of functionality and safety we see in the modern...

Home Products TPMS Training Video from Bartec USA Profiles the Wheelrite TECH400 Plus

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The Wheelrite TECH400 Plus from Bartec USA is the flagship of the aftermarket range. It does everything the TECH300 and TECH300 Plus do, but also is designed to enable the reprogramming of those cars which do not have a ‘TPMS relearn’ facility in the engine management software of the vehicle. This largely relates to Asian and European manufactured vehicles (including Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi etc.). It has a Universal OBD connector which enables communication via CANbus and K-line to the vehicle ECU. The TECH400 Plus uses its large backlit graphical display and menu system to navigate and display its data. This rugged lightweight compact diagnostic tool enables the technician to pre-select the vehicle make/model/year using its easy to use menu system. This leads to fast and accurate activations and decodes of TPMS and display of their data and any faults. The display shows a graphic of the vehicle to further simplify the audit process including four and five wheel vehicles.

TPMS Tool TECH400 Plus vehicle Coverage Charts:
Click here for the latest 2010 coverage charts for USA Asian & European Brands

The tool supports the replacement of TPMS sensors and the reprogramming of the car and turns the warning light off. It does this using the relearn option if available in the vehicle engine management software or otherwise using the OBD connector. The tool actually decodes the sensor data which ensures that the correct TPMS is being read and that the tool is not fooled by RF transmissions from keyfobs or other sensors. The audit process allows the operator to display the data on screen but also to transfer it to a PC and print out an audit of the car and show the customer which TPMS is faulty and the nature of the fault. This is key to gaining the customer’s confidence and agreement to pay for work to be done before the wheel is broken down. This tool displays the replacement part number and service kit as well as the other data available including: sensor ID, PSI, battery status, temperature etc. It will also advise the user if the wrong TPMS has been fitted. This tool works with all cars on the market. Click here for our online video of the Wheelrite TECH400 Plus.

Features include:
• Bartec large, easy to read display;
• Make-Model-Year look-up;
• Downloads TPMS data directly to the vehicle;
• Uploads and can clear diagnostics, and inform the operator if he will require the spare;
• Rechargeable battery;
• Decodes and displays sensor data including: Sensor ID, PSI, Battery State and Temperature;
• Software designed to sensor specifications;
• Displays the replacement part number;
• Audit Mode – easily download TPMS sensor data to a PC or laptop for printing;
• Compact and ergonomic;
• Most complete sensor coverage;
• Upgradeable via USB port; and
• Sold as a complete kit.

The tool has been launched with OBD software for Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia and is software updateable using a standard USB cable to a PC simply by logging into the Customer Support Section of the website and entering account ID and password and following the instructions. This service is important as new TPMS are being fitted to new models at an increasing rate. Bartec is committed to progressively updating the software for all vehicle makes as soon as its development schedule allows. This service is the best available from any tool manufacturer as Bartec are working in the car plants and hence have the TPMS updates up to a year before other manufacturers. The tool comes complete with integral rechargeable batteries in a moulded carrying case with a USB cable, magnet (for older model sensors), protective rubber boot, user guide and recharge PSU.
For more information about Bartec USA LLC and our range of TPMS Tools and our professional Tire Pressure Monitoring System support, visit, call toll free (866) 407-TPMS and speak to one of our team or e-mail us at [email protected].

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