New Snap-on Limited Edition Speed Demon Roll Cab

New Snap-on Limited Edition Speed Demon Roll Cab

Features include next-level organization, durability, security, mobility and exclusive Speed Demon emblem.

The new Snap-on KETP682A3WHZ Limited-Edition Speed Demon EPIQ 68″ Roll Cab adds “wow” factor in a tool storage showpiece. Next-level organization, durability, security, mobility, and the exclusive Speed Demon emblem represents everything enviable about working in the industry that keeps the world moving.

“The Speed Demon’s exclusive badging features an intricately detailed skull intertwined with pistons and an engine, symbolizing speed and the rebellious spirit that comes with being part of the automotive and heavy-duty worlds that combine high-level skills with high-level power,” says Angelo Gargano, Snap-on Product Manager. “The fusion of skull and pistons evokes a sense of raw energy and daring, while the meticulous craftsmanship of this roll cab reflects both techs’ and Snap-on’s dedication to quality and innovation.”

The Speed Demon screams efficiency with its gloss black shell housing nine Artic Silver drawers, accented with a two-tone trim of Black and Emerald Green for abundant storage and functionality. Featuring a SpeeDrawer, customizable for organizing loose fasteners, parts, and tools, and PowerDrawer, a dedicated drawer for charging power tool batteries and handheld devices, this roll cab takes it up a notch with a bed liner PowerTop™ with full-length LED lights to illuminate drawer contents.

With 15 power outlets and six USB ports strategically placed throughout, all cordless tools, lights and accessories stay charged and accessible. Technicians can expand the storage options of this unit by integrating a matching work center and side lockers for a complete Speed Demon system.

“Snap-on knows a well-designed toolbox helps technicians keep their tools organized, crucial in a fast-paced and demanding automotive repair environment where efficiency is key,” Gargano says. “A sleek and well-maintained toolbox adds a touch of professionalism to an automotive technician’s workspace. It creates a positive impression on clients reflecting a commitment to quality work and attention to detail. And this limited-edition Speed Demon badging ups the cool factor of a storage option that can keep pace with hard-working techs.”

For more information about the New, Limited Edition Speed Demon EPIQ 68″ Roll Cab or other Snap-on tools and products, contact your participating Snap-on franchise or visit

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