Atlas Automotive offers User-Friendly Wheel Balancers, Tire Changers
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Atlas Offers User-Friendly Wheel Balancers, Tire Changers

Used in combination, Atlas Automotive wheel balancers and tire changers provide fast, efficient and easy-to-use equipment.


Atlas Automotive Equipment offers a line of wheel balancers and tire changers for automotive shops. The variety of wheel balancers and tire changers makes it easy to perform the necessary adjustments or repairs by using the products either separately or together for stronger results. 

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Several products included in the Atlas Automotive line are the Center-Post Tire Changer, the 3D Video Wheel Balancer, Computerized Wheel Balancer and the Rim-Clamp Tire Changer.

“Our wheel balancer and tire changers are user-friendly and offer quick and efficient results,” said Mike Israel, Atlas Automotive product manager. “With the combination of these two products, we can ensure that automotive professionals can do their job better, easier and faster.”

Designed to remove tires from wheels in an effective manner and help keep the weight of the wheel evenly distributed, Atlas wheel balancers and tire changers go hand-in-hand, making the equipment a great investment for automotive repair shops. Popular equipment in the product line includes:

Tire Changers:

  • ATEAP-PTC500 Center-Post Tire Changer features a “lever no lever” system that allows the machine to use a standard bead lifting tool to dismount stiffer, low-profile tires.
  • ATEATTC289 Pneumatic Wheel Clamp Tire Changer with Bead Blaster is perfect for changing tires on large SUV and one-ton trucks. The bead blaster is designed to break rusted beads without damage to the rim.

Wheel Balancers:

  • ATEAP-PWB90XL 3D Video Wheel Balancer with Laser Line features an opposite weight function that allows the user to change the weight application of a tire when applying adhesive weights.
  • ATEATWB41 Computerized Wheel Balancer is a simple balancer that is capable of self-diagnosing and displays error codes so the operator can make the necessary adjustments.

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