Autel Releases Software Update for the MaxiSYS 909CV

Autel Releases Software Update for the MaxiSYS 909CV

Autel introduced the MaxiSYS MS909CV more than two years ago.

Autel announced a major software release for its commercial vehicle diagnostic tablet, the MaxiSYS 909CV, that extends basic and advanced diagnostic, including performing Active Tests and Special Functions coverage to 2023 for North America’s most popular light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, including the best-selling vehicles in the country so far this year, the Ford F-series, the Chevy Silverado, and the Ram Pickup.

This 909CV software release also includes trucks, buses, and SUVs from GMC, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and VW.

Coverage highlights follow:


Diagnostics: Read/Erase Codes, View and Graph Live Data, and Perform Active Tests for Colorado (2022), Express (2022), S-10 (2023), Suburban (2022-’23), Tahoe (2022-’23), Traverse (2022, ’23) and Trailblazer (2023).

Service functions: ABS, SRS, Cylinder, VGT Learn, Clutch, and ACC are also included in the update. 


Diagnostics: AutoScan 2.0 (providing faster all systems scan), Read/Erase Codes, View and Graph Live Data, and Perform Active Tests for the following 2022-’23 RAM models: D2- 3500 Pickup, DD-Ram 3500 Cab Chassis, DF-Ram 3500 Cab Chassis10K, DJ-Ram 2500, DP-Ram 4500/5500, DS-Ram 1500, DT-Ram 1500, and DX-Ram. 

The VF (ProMaster) (2022-’23) and VM (ProMaster City) (2022) also received updates to their diagnostic coverage.


Diagnostics: AutoScan 2.0 (providing faster all systems scan), System Topology, Read/Erase Codes, View and Graph Live Data, and Perform Active Test for Blue Bird C-Class Vision (2012 through ’20), E-Series (2023), Explorer (2023), F-150 (2022-’23), F-650/F-750 (2023), Ranger (2022), Tourneo Connect (2002 through ’09), and Transit (2022).

Services: adds ABS, SRS, BMS, Brake Bleed, DPF Regen, EPB, SAS, Throttle body, TPMS Relearn, and WIN DR ROOF for Escape (2020-2022), Explorer (2020-’22), F-150 (2021-’22), F-Series Super Duty (2020-’22), Ranger (2019-’22), Transit (2019-’22), and Transit Connect (2019-’22).


Diagnostics: Read/Erase Codes, View and Graph Live Data, and Perform Active Tests for Canyon (2022), Yukon (2022), Yukon XL (2022), Savana (2022), Hummer (2022), and Acadia (2023).

Services: adds seven service functions: ABS, SRS, Cylinder, VGT Learn, Clutch, HV Battery, and ACC for the vehicles listed above. 


Diagnostics:Read/Erase Codes, View Live Data and ECU Information, Perform Active Test, and Special Functions for the  Santa Fe (CM), Santa Fe (DM) and Santa Fe (SM)

Systems supported include Engine, Transmission, ABS, ESP, SRS, BCM, Smart Key, EPB, 4WD, A/C, and EPS.


Diagnostics: AutoScan 2.0 (providing faster all systems scan), Read/Erase Codes, View and Graph Live Data, and Perform Active Test for 2023 Tundra, and Tundra HEV

Services: adds functions including ABS, SRS, Automatic Start/Stop, Clutch, EGR, VGT Learn, VIN, and A/F Setting, Manual Oil Reset, Manual Throttle Matching, and Manual Brake Bleed on vehicles up to 2023. 

Software updates are free for the first year after tablet activation. Total Care Program subscriptions, which include one year of software updates and limited hardware warranty, can be purchased from an authorized Autel dealer or directly through the tablet.

Autel introduced the MaxiSYS MS909CV, an advanced commercial vehicle diagnostic tablet compatible with more than 80 U.S., Asian, and European light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicle brands more than two years ago. Construction and agriculture vehicle coverage was introduced in late December 2022, including coverage for Caterpillar- and Cummins-engine vehicles. The 9.7-inch wireless tablet performs extensive vehicle diagnostics, including the ability to read/erase codes (active and inactive codes), view and graph live data, and perform Active tests, and Special Functions. The tablet offers an extensive Service Menu and includes Advanced Driver Assistance System calibration (ADAS) software for multiple vehicle classes. The included MaxiBAS B200 battery, starting and charging system tester and alligator clamps, and multimeter and amp clamp enable extensive analysis.

Visit to learn more about Autel’s commercial vehicle diagnostic solutions.

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