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Lifts: Laws of the Universe

have in common? Each of these items is subject to the law of gravity. The law states all items are attracted to the earth with a force that is exactly equal to their specific weight. Why, you ask, do I care about this? Well, let me give you another little statement that will start to

Welding Equipment: Sparks and Arcs

MIG, TIG, stick, gas, gasless, oxy-acetylene, deep penetration, spot welding, plastic welders, pulse technology, high strength steel — if it seems like welding has gotten more complicated than you remember — it has! Today’s auto industry faces many challenges that are shaping and changing the way we stick two pieces of metal together. Once upon

Scan Tools: Tune In, Tune Up, Cash In

What is with all the new interest in music? Everywhere in the car industry and the aftermarket, people are talking about the “tuner” market. Are they talking about the old stereo of Dad’s in the den? Maybe they are talking about the newest disk player that can support mpeg and iPod? No! The interest is

Safe Shop: Oil Absorbents Promote Safety and Cleanliness in the Shop

Once upon a time, it was common to grab a case of oil, an oil filter and a bag of Kitty Litter when doing an oil change. The idea of course was that spills are inevitable and Kitty Litter is cheap! Well some things never change and some do. The materials that are available to

Weather Report

Today’s forecast is hot — damn hot with sprinkled patches of grease, burns, scrapes and fussy service managers. Does this sound like your shop in the summer? The alternative calls for waaaay cold with reports of numb fingers and aching feet and toes from standing on ice-cold concrete for eight hours at a time. The

Under Pressure: Power Tools

Those two words say a lot when speaking about air tools. The first and most obvious is that air tools need pressure to operate properly. Everyone knows that with enough air pressure you can make any air tool do the job you want it to do, right? Another way of looking at these two words