Bendix Ceramlub Helps Ensure Proper Brake Lubrication

Bendix Ceramlub Helps Ensure Proper Brake Lubrication

Silencing disc brake noise standards are different today than they were just a couple years ago. Technicians need to break the habit of universally smearing "blue goo" behind every brake pad to help keep it quiet. It doesn't always work, and in many cases, will ruin a good brake job shortly after the vehicle leaves the shop.

Silencing disc brake noise standards are different today than they were just a couple years ago. Technicians need to break the habit of universally smearing “blue goo” behind every brake pad to help keep it quiet. It doesn’t always work, and in many cases, will ruin a good brake job shortly after the vehicle leaves the shop.

Liquid noise suppressor attempts to stifle brake pad vibrations using an adhesive to bond the pad to the caliper fingers and piston. This technique may work with heavy, older model vehicles that use pads without shims but it’s important to note that liquid noise suppressor is not a cure-all and should never be used on a brake pad with a shim. Doing so will result in bonding the shim to the caliper fingers or piston. This could lift the shim away from the pad and destroy its effectiveness.

Brake pads and system designs have evolved in the past several years, creating a need for new noise abatement strategies. Often this means to let the parts move – but noiselessly independent of each other.

That calls for lubrication that won’t compromise brake performance. You’ll need a formula that doesn’t wash off when splashed and doesn’t run when heated. In order to fully protect against corrosion, wear, noise and erratic braking, a lubricant must stay put between brake services. Staying put is also critical in ensuring the lubricant never gets where it doesn’t belong – between pads and rotors or between shoes and drums.

Bendix Ceramlub is specifically made to withstand these tough conditions.

It features a technologically advanced formulation with a 100 percent synthetic oil base containing unique ceramic pressure solids and elevated concentrations of anti-corrosive agents. The result is a high-pressure, dry-film boundary that withstands extreme elements, lasts the life of the brake job and is the best lubricant for metal-to-metal and rubber-to-metal contact points within the braking system.

Bendix Ceramlub stands up to extreme temperatures (from -70°F to 2,800°F), does not contaminate friction surfaces and will not swell rubber or harm plastic. It can also help minimize customer comebacks resulting from noise complaints.

But no matter how good a lubricant is, if it’s not used correctly, it won’t ensure quiet braking. It should go on both sides of the shims where they contact the caliper fingers, along with a light coating where the piston contacts the pad. How do you know where to apply the lubricant? It’s best to check OE installation instructions as recommendations change.

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