Bosch Scan Tool Portfolio with New ADS 625X

Quickly Diagnose, Repair Vehicles with Bosch Scan Tool

This scan tool performs all-systems DTC scans in under 60 seconds on average.

The Bosch ADS 625X scan tool helps resolve issues easier and faster than ever, with features for extreme speed, access and flexibility. This scan tool provides technicians advanced vehicle coverage across a broad range of domestic, Asian and European vehicles all the way back to 1976. 

The ADS 625X includes the same great features as the ADS 525X, including performing all-systems DTC scans under 60 seconds on average, with complete scans taking 30 seconds or less for many vehicles makes and models, and wireless VCI. Also included is a free one-year software subscription with all-access coverage as well as a bonus 30 free days of the Enhanced subscription with full-system color wiring diagrams and Repair-Source, a complete on-tool OEM service and repair information library. Upgrade to the Enhanced subscription at any time.  

The features of the ADS 625X add to the already extreme platform:  

  • Larger screen display – The ultra-crisp 10-in. LCD vibrant high-definition display with full widescreen viewing provides outstanding visibility both indoors and brightly lit outdoor environments. 
  • Expandable memory – With a slot for an SD card, the ADS 625X is the first Bosch scan tool to offer expandable memoryMore storage capabilities allow technicians to support further a wide range of vehicles coming into the shop.  
  • Android OS 10+ – All-new hardware and software technology, powered by Android 10+, offers peak performance on an expandable, future-proof platform providing faster processing and more memory, making the diagnostic process more efficient. 
  • Docking station included – For easy access, the ADS 625X includes a multipurpose docking station that charges the tablet and powers the VCI, providing seamless wireless updates and access to repair information without needing to be connected to the vehicle. 
  • ADAS diagnoses – Included are all dynamic ADAS calibrations for technicians who work with newer vehicle technology. In June, the ADS 625X will be compatible with the DAS 3000 for full ADAS static calibration, supporting more of the workshop. 

The ADS 625X is available now through Bosch Aftermarket distribution partners and resellers.  

For more info:

Bosch Diagnostics
Phone: 800-321-4889Fax: 708-865-6430

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