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Flash Reprogramming

Would you believe flash reprogrammable PCMs have been in vehicles for more than a decade? The first such application was the 1990 Geo Storm. Why a humdrum car like the Storm would be the first to receive a flash reprogrammable computer system is unknown. You’d think GM would have chosen a more high profile vehicle

Sensing an Emissions Problem

Oxygen sensors are a product that have been around for more than 20 years, yet most motorists don’t even know they have one or more of these devices on their vehicle – let alone what it does. The only time customers even become aware of oxygen sensor existence is if they get a Check Engine

‘Court’-ing Disaster

I just returned to the shop after what felt like the longest three hours of my life. I spent the afternoon in Small Claims Court, and while fascinating — the same kind of fascination that won’t allow you to look away when trains collide, planes fall out of the sky or fast-moving brush fires head

Focus on Professionalism as the ‘Common’ Thread of Your Business

You’d probably agree that with all of the opportunities and challenges on the service front these days, there may be little time left in the day to work “on your business.” But now, more than ever, working on all of those business fundamentals necessary to run a profitable shop must be brought to the forefront

Volkswagen Underhood Maintenance & Service Tips

Volkswagens have always been maintenance friendly. From the very first models, ease of repair and durability have been built into the design. VW has managed to keep basic maintenance procedures relatively uncomplicated throughout the years. In this article, I’ll cover some of the more common underhood procedures on common VW models and include some tips

Installing Quality Disc Brake Pads

Because today’s lighter and more friction-efficient disc brakes have become very sensitive to differences in friction materials, the issue of selecting a quality brake pad is becoming increasingly relevant to the quality-conscious installer. To illustrate, aftermarket manufacturers of high-performance disc brakes offer literally dozens of racing pads that are qualitatively equal, but vary widely in

Analyzing Ignition Misfires and Plotting a Diagnostic Course

Uh oh. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) is on, and you’ve just found a misfire code. It’s a code P0304, which tells you cylinder number four is misfiring. There are no other codes and the engine has a steady miss. Now what? Misfire diagnosis in this kind of situation should be fairly easy. You have

Cooling Off: Cooling System Parts and Service

Cooling system service is an absolute “must-do” on any import nameplate. Once a cooling system suffers long-term neglect, it turns into an on-going source of problems for the owner and his servicing technician because, when corrosion starts to take place, the effects can’t be reversed. For that single reason, it’s important to sell your customers