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VIDEO: Autel MaxiSys ADAS Calibration

Mike Flink discusses the growing expandability of ADAS calibration with the Autel MaxiSys.

VIDEO: Troubleshooting Tips for Code P0128

TechShop Managing Editor Eric Garbe provides troubleshooting tips for diagnostic trouble code P0128 Coolant Temperature Too Low or Faulty Coolant Thermostat.

VIDEO: Is the Converter to Blame? Diagnosing DTC P0420

TechShop Managing Editor Eric Garbe describes what you need to know when the scan tool is reading a diagnostic trouble code of P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold.

VIDEO: TPMS Sensor Protocols

Andrew Markel explains how a TPMS tool can help you program universal TPMS sensors. 

TPMS video
VIDEO: 3 Reasons You Need a Scan Tool for Brake Repairs

Andrew Markel explains why you cannot efficiently or profitably complete certain brake repairs without a scan tool. 

scan tool for brake jobs
VIDEO: Are You Devaluing Your TPMS Service?

Andrew Markel explains best practices to follow to ensure your TPMS service is valued appropriately.
Sponsored by Autel.

Tool Minute Video: TPMS & Snow Tires

Great ready for winter TPMS service now. Andrew Markel explains the steps to take so you’re prepared to service your customers’ vehicles this winter.
Sponsored by Autel.

VIDEO: Tools for Reflashing and Programming Electric Power Steering Racks and Modules

Andrew Markel explains the tool and equipment options for programming vehicle modules after a steering system repair. 

Sponsored by Autel. 

Autel video
VIDEO: Does It Make Scents?

Jennifer Clements discusses how you can turn chlorine dioxide odor elimination into an add-on service that benefits your bottom line. Sponsored by Star brite.

VIDEO: Mohawk Lifts on Quality and Efficiencies

Hear how to increase shop productivity, efficiencies and profits in this new video interview with Mohawk Lifts.

Mohawk Lifts Steve Perlstein SEMA 2017