Clore PRO-LOGIX PL3740


The PRO-LOGIX PL3740 by Clore Automotive features several different functions.


The PRO-LOGIX Wheel Charger Model PL3740 by Clore Automotive delivers multifaceted service to today’s busy shops.

Features include battery charging and engine starting, battery maintenance and power supply support for a variety of applications, as well as charge rates to 40 amps. In charging function, LED indicators alert the operator when charging is taking place and the unit incorporates a range of safety features to make charging safe for the operator and the battery or vehicle being serviced.

Additionally, in the charging function, it features both an AUTO charge setting as well as the more traditional timed (manual-style) settings.

Utilizing simple knob controls, the PL3740 is easy to use and intuitive. Simply set your desired function and your operational mode then press START.

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