PRO-LOGIX Expands Coverage of Lithium Battery Applications

PRO-LOGIX Expands Coverage of Lithium Battery Applications

These chargers utilize microprocessor-controlled logic to deliver a fully automatic, precisely controlled charging routine.

Clore Automotive is expanding its coverage of LiFePO4 Lithium battery charging across a variety of its charger/maintainer models. The next models to offer this coverage are PL2310, PL2320 and PL2410, which will add to existing models PL2112 and PL2140, which currently address this growing battery type. The new models are expected to hit the streets in Q4 2022.

PRO-LOGIX battery chargers utilize advanced microprocessor-controlled logic to deliver a fully automatic, precisely controlled charging routine to optimally charge and maintain each battery serviced. Plus, they feature the ability to properly charge virtually any lead acid battery type, including Conventional, AGM, Spiral Wound, Deep Cycle and Marine batteries. Now, the three above listed models will feature the ability to properly charge and maintain LiFePO4 Lithium batteries, the most common lithium battery type using in vehicle starting applications in North America.

SOLAR PL2320 6/12V 20A PRO-LOGIX Battery Charger from Clore Automotive (available with LiFePO4 capability soon)

PRO-LOGIX battery chargers provide the wide range of operation and enhanced feature sets needed by today’s busy technicians. All full power chargers (≥10A charging capability) feature three functional modes: charging, maintaining and power supply. Charger mode enables a technician to quickly and effectively bring depleted batteries back to full charge, restoring reserve capacity and extending useful life. Maintainer mode enables a technician to keep a battery at full charge and peak readiness until it is needed in its appointed application, whether the maintenance period is two days, two weeks or two months. Power supply mode maintains the vehicle’s electrical system at an appointed level to assist in effective diagnosis, repair and maintenance applications. All PRO-LOGIX models feature temperature compensation for precisely beneficial charging regardless of temperature, which can significantly impact charge acceptance.

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