June/July 2020 Archives - TechShop Magazine
TPMS Diagnostic Tips

The most significant leap forward has been the evolution of the dedicated TPMS tool.

On The Tool Truck: Punches & Chisels

Professional Tools. Professional Facts. You Ask The Questions, We Get The Answers.

Frank Leutz and Desert Car Care

TechShop goes on the road for another visit in our shop profile series.

Rotary or Reciprocating Air Compressors? You Make The Call

Many factors must be considered when selecting a new compressor.

The Essential Electrical Tools for Today’s Cars

If you want to be successful in the arena of electrical diagnosis, the electrical tools and equipment you invest in are the determining factor.

The Top Drawer: The Old Man & The Minivan

A chance meeting with a veteran is always an opportunity to thank them.