Felton Brushes No Throw Wire Wheel Brush
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Felton Brushes No Throw Wire Wheel Brush

The brush works with any power/air drill, and can keep up with today’s grinders while throwing no wires.


Felton Brushes Ltd has designed an ideal brush for cleaning rust, corrosion and paint.  

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This brush features a brand-new technology that has been developed to securely lock each wire firmly in place while in use, the company said. 

Due to the patent-pending technology, Felton Brushes has created a brush that is safer, more durable and lasts longer. This allows for the No Throw brush to be one of the most cost-effective brushes ever made. Each wire is perfectly balanced for a smoother operation and longer life span.  

The brush works with any power drill or pneumatic air drill, and can keep up with today’s grinder rotating at a maximum of 20,000 RPM while throwing no wires, making it safer to use than any other leading competitor. 

For more info: feltonbrushes.com 

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