Injectronic Introduces the CJ4 Scantool with Integrated Oscilloscope

Injectronic Introduces the CJ4 Scantool with Integrated Oscilloscope

Injectronic is proud to announce the new CJ4 tool for automotive diagnostics of modern vehicles. The CJ4 integrates an OBDII scan tool with an automotive oscilloscope.

Injectronic is proud to announce the new CJ4 tool for automotive diagnostics of modern vehicles. The CJ4 integrates an OBDII scan tool with an automotive oscilloscope. The scan tool application allows the CJ4 to communicate with the computers of the vehicles to retrieve diagnostic information such as, trouble codes, freeze frame data, live data and more. Once data is retrieved, the oscilloscope application of the CJ4 allows the technician to verify the failure “viewing” the waveforms present on the input and outputs of sensors, actuators and electronic circuits. In addition, a “pass through” function allows the CJ4 to work as an interface between the vehicle and a laptop/desktop for real time monitoring. The CJ4 is ready to grow, it includes and expansion port for future applications and can be flash updated.

The CJ4 features a 128 x 128 illuminated screen that displays numeric and graphs of live data retrieved from OBDII and CAN compliant vehicles and doubles as an oscilloscope wave viewer for the built-in voltmeter with greater visibility even when working outdoors. The CJ4’s new ergonomically designed housing, incorporation of an oscilloscope and ease of operation makes it a welcomed variation of the “all-to-similar” stand alone scanning equipment out in the market today and, with very competitive and affordable price it promises to fulfill the needs of many DIY and professionals alike.

The primary function of the CJ4 is auto diagnostics, and complemented by the oscilloscope, individual sensor and actuator testing is possible with one tool. You can read and erase codes, get a description of generic and manufacturer specific codes, in the same screen see live data displayed in numbers and by selecting from the available parameters a graph, freeze frame and monitor status to mention a few of the functions. And when you need to test a particular sensor, actuator or voltage to a circuit that has set a code, the oscilloscope is readily available in the same tool, which is convenient and saves time in performing a complete diagnostic.

GET THIS! For $399.00 as an introductory package ($475.00 regular price), the CJ4 includes FREE a PC application software and module that allows the CJ4 to be used as an interface to display in your PC/laptop all of the data, including live parameter streaming that you can see in the CJ4 when used in self-contained mode and the oscilloscope feature. Imagine, $199.00 value FREE.

The CJ4 features include:
– Lightweight.
– Large 128 x 128 pixels illuminated graphics display for easy viewing outdoors.
– Built-in two-channel oscilloscope.
– Screen capture in labscope.
– Optional cartridges for more coverage and applications.
– Retrieve and clear trouble codes, see live data in numeric and graph modes.
– Coverage for 1996-to-date OBDII/CAN vehicles.
– Code definitions for generic and most manufacturers specific.
– Bilingual navigation menus and code descriptions.
– Display permanent and pending codes.
– Freeze frame data, monitor status functions.
– Live data streaming allows graphing and placing of cursors to pinpoint a value in the graph.
– Scan tool can be used in stand-alone mode or as an interface to a PC or Laptop.
– PC connectivity via serial COM port or USB port with included cables.
– Flash updated using the included USB cable.
– Compatible with our 4514 Battery Tester.
– Free software updates.

Injectronic is a registered trademark of Injectoclean Inc.

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