A Valuable Approach to Routine Service Procedures

A Valuable Approach to Routine Service Procedures

The Autel ITS600 has extensive diagnostic ability, but also can perform functions behind today’s routine service.

Virtually every new vehicle on the road features an engine oil life system, a battery management system, a steering angle sensor, and a good majority of them, electronic parking brakes. As technicians, being able to service these systems is something we can’t afford to pass up, and the Autel ITS600 gives us the tools to get the job done.

The routine service procedures associated with these systems frequently require the use of a scan tool, and we’re seeing it now on a daily basis, so we must be able to perform them efficiently.

You may already know the Autel ITS600 for its extensive TPMS diagnostic, brake and tire service ability, but it also offers the ability to perform these required functions that are part of the technology behind today’s routine service.

Utilizing them is easy and straightforward – they’re all available under the “service” icon on the home screen.

We’ll first look at engine oil life reset. These systems calculate the remaining engine oil life based on how the car is driven and the climate it’s driven in. They must be reset after every oil change, not only to turn out the maintenance light, but so they can properly calculate when the next service will be due.

Once you have the ITS600 powered up and the wireless VCI (vehicle communication interface) connected to the car, you simply select the “service” icon, navigate to the oil reset screen and the ITS600 will automatically confirm the VIN, or you can use the VIN scan camera feature to easily grab the vehicle data off the driver’s side door jamb.

The next step is to select “hot functions,” and the ITS600 will bring up the options for oil reset, as well as additional service resets that may be available depending on the vehicle. Select the function you want and the ITS600 will walk you through the rest of the steps to complete the reset.

Next up is electronic parking brake service. Again, under the “service” icon, you select the electronic parking brake function, identify the vehicle, and the ITS600 will bring up a list of all the available functions which may include deactivating and activating the brake control system, retracting the calipers for brake pad replacement, setting the pads after replacement, or assisting in brake fluid control.

The available functions differ based on the vehicle, but a vast majority of them require a scan tool for service and you’re dead in the water without it. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about booting up your full function scan tool, so if you’re already into the job, the ITS600 boots quick, and the “service” icon is right on the home screen.

Now let’s look at battery management systems. That’s what we call modern charging and starting systems, because they are now PCM controlled, meaning they have multiple different control modes in order to maximize charging system output, performance, fuel economy and emissions.

Due to the technology of these systems, any time a battery is replaced, it must be registered so the PCM knows the age, type and capacity of the battery. The Autel ITS600 allows you to do this and more depending on the vehicle, and all of the functions are found by tapping the “service” icon and selecting battery management system.

Lastly, we have steering angle sensor calibration. Any type of repair to the steering system; the linkage, the column, a wheel alignment, collision repairs, you name it, if it affects the steering, the steering angle sensor must be calibrated. It’s a critical part of a vehicle’s safety and stability control system. The Autel ITS600 allows you to perform this reset and will guide you through it with step-by-step on-screen instructions.

The ability to perform these four valuable services, along with the TPMS diagnostic, brake and tire service functions you already know, means the Autel ITS600 is smart for technicians and smart for shops. And don’t forget the ITS600 can produce detailed reports of diagnostic, inspection and service recommendations that can be printed or easily emailed to the customer.

The Autel ITS600 allows technicians to efficiently perform routine service procedures, providing an even greater level of service for your customers.

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