Milwaukee Debuts M12 Auto Technician Borescope 

Milwaukee Debuts M12 Auto Technician Borescope 

The borescope enables users to diagnose hairline cracks with clarity.

Breaking into the automotive inspection space, Milwaukee Tool drives innovation and productivity in the shop with the introduction of their new M12 Auto Technician Borescope. Developed and designed for the automotive technician, this new diagnostic solution delivers 5mm access and clear diagnosis.   

Providing enhanced image quality for technicians, the M12 Auto Technician Borescope enables users to diagnose hairline cracks with clarity. The high-definition front and side cameras and 4.3-inch display provide enhanced application viewing and easier diagnosis. With its 4-level zoom capabilities, users can zero in on points of interest, streamlining their inspection process. 

Featuring 5-millimeter access, users are provided with the best access in tight spaces, including glow plug holes and fuel injector ports. The 3-foot flexible cable balances flexibility and memory to maneuver through confined spaces within the engine bay. Milwaukee’s innovative inspection solution helps prevent time spent disassembling, driving productivity and efficiency for the technician.  

Designed for the auto technician, Milwaukee’s new M12 Auto Technician Borescope integrates professionally demanded features for reduced downtime. Equipped with HEAT SENSE Temperature Alert technology, the borescope notifies the user and shuts down if the vehicle being inspected is too hot to use the camera without potential damage, helping the technician extend the life of their cable. A field-replaceable camera cable enables easy servicing to eliminate downtime in the shop and maximize productivity. With 270-degree screen rotation, technicians can maintain an upright image for improved viewing, while ensuring a stable set-down, freeing up a hand for two-hand cable positioning. An included 32GB SD card allows for the convenient sharing of photos and videos for additional ease of use. 

The new M12 Auto Technician Borescope joins the M12 Cordless System, the largest sub-compact system on the market, focused on delivering industry-leading durability and the ability to complete applications in the tightest spaces. Currently, the M12 System is made up of more than 150 solutions.  


M12™ Auto Technician Borescope (3150-20) – $429.00 

  • Camera Head Diameter: 5mm 
  • Camera Head Length: 1.5” 
  • Screen Size: 4.3” 
  • Screen Rotation: 270° 
  • Cable Length: 3’ 
  • Replaceable Cable (Sold Separately, 48-53-3150): Yes 
  • Memory & Exportability: SD Card (Included) 
  • Adjustable LED Brightness: 5-Level 
  • Temperature Sensing: HEAT SENSE™ Temperature Alert 

Includes: M12 Auto Technician Borescope (3150-20), 5mm Borescope Camera Cable (48-53-3150), Hard Case 

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
Phone: 800-SAWDUST

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