New ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool Is Intelligent, Intuitive and Totally Re-invented
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New ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool Is Intelligent, Intuitive and Totally Re-invented


Technicians looking for a multi-function TPMS tool that helps them balance the important aspects of their work now have a new option. ATEQ has launched the ATEQ VT56 with an optional wireless printer and docking station.

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At a presentation at the Equipment and Tool Institute’s (ETI) Tool Tech April 29, ATEQ’s Jim

Jim Chen

Chen presented the new tool to the attending press. “That simple dashboard light causes people a lot of trouble,” he said, explaining how testing for the VT56 took into account how TPMS tools are used in the real world. The company observed technicians’ use of when, why and why not they chose certain tools to help them diagnose TPMS issues. He described how the VT55 tool has been updated to provided more features and convenience for users.

The ATEQ VT56 TPMS tool offers a powerful and unique new TPMS relearn experience. It’s the fastest and most advanced ATEQ TPMS tool yet, and is designed to continuously adapt to a technician’s needs.

The ATEQ VT56 features an ergonomic keypad and provides a modern and easy sensor triggering and programming experience. The VT56 also features a high-resolution 4.3” color display.


According to the company, technicians who have grown to love the ATEQ TPMS relearn experience will continue to enjoy the easy tool navigation and the trouble-free updates they expect with a fresh platform. It lets them get more out of their diagnostic tool with easy access to all the tools’ functions using an icon-driven menu.

The ATEQ VT56 gives technicians a faster and smarter experience that continuously adapts to their needs with advancements such as:

  • Icon-based navigation makes it easy to scroll through the multiple menus and features    provided in our tool. You can easily navigate to a vehicle’s dedicated menu then instantly go back to the general menu.
  • The new 8 soft button keypad allows you to navigate the menus faster and more accurately.
  •  The new VT56 features Help and Training menus so you can always have the latest information when you need it the most, minimizing downtime.
  • The VIN barcode reader makes entering VIN numbers easier. The integrated reader is a work-saving feature that automatically captures the VIN number of the vehicle and decodes it for fast vehicle identification.
  • ATEQ improved OBD II transfer technology that increases the vehicle coverage for both domestic and import.

The VT56 will be the first ATEQ TPMS tool to print wirelessly with an optional docking station integrated printer. You will no longer require a computer to print detailed TPMS information for your customer.


Be sure to watch the YouTube video:

For more information regarding ATEQ TPMS tools, contact Eri Muca at [email protected] or

ATEQ Corp.

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