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Pico Technology Lets You Turn Your PC into a Powerful Diagnostic Tool

PicoScope’s two-channel 4225 and four-channel 4425 automotive PC oscilloscopes are five times faster and have eight times more memory than the previous generation.


The recently introduced two-channel PicoScope 4225 and four-channel PicoScope 4425 are the company’s fifth generation of automotive PC oscilloscopes.

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They are five times faster and have eight times more memory than the previous generation, ensuring they are powerful enough for the next generation of vehicles with new technologies such as CAN FD.

Other innovations include new floating inputs for non-grounded measurements, higher input ranges and ConnectDetect to ensure you have a good connection.

The new PicoScopes are also now USB 3.0 connected and powered.

When you purchase any diagnostic tool you not only spend money but you also spend time learning how best to use it. Pico says it protects that investment in two ways. First, the company develops hardware and software that is easy to use for those starting out with oscilloscopes yet has the power and features demanded by experienced users. Second, Pico does not compromise on quality or specifications — expect the PicoScope you buy today to still be an essential part of your diagnostic tool box 10 years from now.


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