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Pico Technology Releases Kit for NVH Balancing Applications

The optical sensor kit provides users with a convenient means to capture signals for NVH balancing applications.

Pico Technology Adds New Current Clamp

The PicoBNC+ product family adds a new 60A DC compact current clamp.

Pico Technology Launches Landmark Software in Landmark Year

This release builds on extensive use by vehicle manufacturers and independent repairers to ensure it is ready for everyday diagnostic use in workshops.

Saelig Introduces PicoScope Electric Vehicle Test Kit with Smart Accessory Interfaces

This diagnostic PicoScope design retains all the strengths of the existing 4425 automotive scopes and adds comprehensive diagnostics capability for all types of electric vehicles.

PicoScope 4823: 8-Channel High-Speed Automotive Oscilloscope

The PicoScope 4823 oscilloscope is ideal for those involved in advanced diagnostics, training or vehicle design.

Diagnose Faults with Pico Engine and Hydraulics Diagnostic Kit

Technicians can now look at hydraulic pressures in the same time frame as the engine control signals, giving complete visibility of how the system is operating.

Diagnose Low-Pressure Fuel Systems Problems with Pico Sight Block

By using the quick-couple barb connectors supplied with the Sight Block, you can connect to the vehicle fuel supply and return lines.

Pico Technology Lets You Turn Your PC into a Powerful Diagnostic Tool

PicoScope’s two-channel 4225 and four-channel 4425 automotive PC oscilloscopes are five times faster and have eight times more memory than the previous generation.