Problem Solvers: Oversize Lug Nut Sockets

Problem Solvers: Oversize Lug Nut Sockets

Win the fight against capped lug nuts with these special sockets.

Do these have a place in your toolbox? You decide.

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Hi, this is Eric with TechShop and another edition of Tool Showcase.

Every now and then, you learn about unique tools that turn out to work so good, you just have to have them. I’ve run across a number of these over the years, and I call them my problem solvers.

You don’t use them all the time, but when you need them, they really bail you out. Today’s problem solver tools are oversize lug nut sockets.

We’re all familiar with capped lug nuts, right? Ok, they look nice, I get it, but they sure can be frustrating. All it takes is a little corrosion to form under the cap and they swell up and you can forget getting a socket on them.

The next larger socket is almost always too big, and when you get one that’s just not cooperating, they can be a nightmare to remove.

Then it’s always fun to explain to the customer why the cost of a few replacement lug nuts is more than their original oil change and free tire rotation coupon, and did I mention your normal parts house has only one is stock, it’ll be a hour before you see the other two. You know what I’m talking about now. A simple job that’s gone wrong across the board.

I honestly don’t know if they have an official name but your tool dealer should have them and they make them specifically to battle the problem with capped lug nuts. They are double ended so if you’ve got some lugs that are good, but some are swollen you still only need one socket.

The ones I have here are 21 and 21.5mm, 22 and 22.5mm, and this one is 18.5mm and 19.5mm. All I can tell you is that over ninety percent of the time, they have solved the problem for me and eliminated some serious headaches. I might not use them every day, but when I need one, I’m sure glad I have them.

Are they right for your toolbox? That’s up to you, but they are definitely one of my problem solvers.

That’s it for today, don’t forget to go to for more tool showcase videos or subscribe to our youtube channel and never miss a single one!

Thanks for watching TechShops tool showcase. I’ll see ya next time. 

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