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Fluoramics Introduces HinderRUST for Metal Fabrication,Welding

HinderRUST for Metal Fabrication and Welding is non-toxic and non-flammable.

Fluoramics Introduces Chain, Wire & Cable Lubricant

Lubricant penetrates deep into the core of braided wire, wire rope, and cables to stop rust and corrosion.

Fluoramics Introduces Rust-Breaking Penetrant

Solvent free, Bust That Rust lubricates while breaking through existing rust. It will also help prevent new rust from forming.

Fluoramics Formula-8 Available in New Sizes

This smaller-sized packaging will appeal to occasional users of Formula-8, and those who are applying thread sealants on fine threads or in harder to reach locations.

Fluoramics Introduces Aerosol Spray Can Versions of All 3 HinderRUST Products

All three versions of HinderRUST contain Tufoil Technology, which makes them superior lubricants and rust inhibitors.

Fluoramics Expands High Temperature Spindle, Lightning Grease Families

Fluoramics, Inc. has introduced new grease cartridges of two of its best-selling Tufoil Technology products: High-Temperature Spindle Grease and Lightning Grease.

Fluoramics Formula-8 Thread Sealant Now Available in Larger Size

Formula-8, the original PTFE thread sealant, is a shear-sensitive paste that sheets out into PTFE strings when torqued and delivers sealing performance on all sizes of threads.

HinderRust by Fluoramics is Now Available in Aerosol Spray Can

The Tufoil Technology lubricating agent in HinderRUST not only enables the rust inhibitors to spread across and into treated surfaces, but it also frees up frozen joints and fasteners.