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4-Piece Purple Long Hook and Pick Set from Matco

Engineered for ideal user comfort and grip.

Matco Tools Offers New Purple Ratchet with Ergonomic Handle

With 88 gear teeth, this ratchet boasts a swing arc just over 4°, enabling swift work in the tightest spaces.

1/2" Fixed Ratchet (CFR158P)
Lang Tools Offers 2-Piece Pocket Pry Bar Set

The straight and a 27° offset 5″ pocket pry bars provide the leverage you need and still fit in your pocket.

245-Piece Heavy-Duty Tool Set from Dynamic

A variety of extensions, handles and ratchets are included as well as combination wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers.

245-Piece Heavy-Duty Mechanic Tool Set From Dynamic
CTA Mfg. Offers Torque Limiting Ratchet Wrench

The internal torque limiting device prevents over-tightening of caps when re-installing housing caps.