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LiftWise Introduces Hydraulic Lift Table

With a high lift capacity and a compact design, the table provides easy operation for some of the most demanding tasks.

Eco-Friendly Bio-Ultimax 1000 Hydraulic Fluid

In addition to enhancing performance, Bio-Ultimax helps companies achieve their sustainability goals. 

Universal Press Support Plate Set

Let the shop press do the work.

JEGS Hydraulic Valve Lifter Removal Tool

Save time and frustration with stuck lifters.

Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid Stops Leaks

Bar’s Leaks introduces Hydraulic Manual Clutch Fluid with Stop Leak, a hydraulic manual clutch fluid formulated with a stop leak additive to seal leaks while improving performance and increasing clutch life.

GoJak Air’s Design to Replace Hydraulic Floor Jacks

GoJak Air, a revolutionary designed lifting system to replace hydraulic floor jacks, is powered by compressed air and built for durability.

Mueller-Keups Hydraulic Twin Triple Leg Puller System Extends Life of Bearings

By using the puller system, you can extend the life of bearings through a simple and less frustrating removal.

AMGO Hydraulics Introduces New No Cable Synchronization System

The HS-10 is manufactured according to the high-quality standard of ANSI, while using materials and parts, with advanced features and innovative technology.

K Tool International 3-Ton Hydraulic Jack Fit For Any Workspace

The jack’s strength and low profile make it effortless to lift low sitting vehicles, while its padded jack handle protects the contact area from damage.

Take Time To Evaluate The Condition Of Brake Hydraulics

Mileage is an essential criterion for evaluating the condition of brake hydraulics. Keep in mind that, each time the brakes are applied, the master and wheel cylinder piston seals wear. Given time, the rubber cups in master cylinders wear to the point that they will not consistently seal hydraulic pressure. The result will often be a low brake pedal, poor stopping power or an intermittently sinking brake pedal.

Diagnosing And Repairing Worn Brake Hydraulics

During a service writer’s efforts to sell competitive brake services at the service desk, he or she often focuses on selling “good, better or best” brake friction replacements, while ignoring the added expense of repairing brake hydraulics. Unfortunately, neglected brake hydraulic systems can cause an expensive warranty comeback or, even worse, a serious traffic accident. In any case, it’s important to advise a potential customer of the importance of servicing and repairing worn brake hydraulics.

Tech Tip: Hydro-Boost Tips And Hints

Hydro-boost brake systems are self-bleeding if there is no other problem in the system. Use this initial bleeding procedure whenever replacing or servicing any component in a hydro-boost system. Normal driving conditions will remove air that remains trapped within the system when components are properly installed and there are no flow restrictions in the system. Always refer to the vehicle service manual for specific installation and testing procedures on import and domestic vehicles.