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John Bean V6200 Improves Speed of Alignment

This versatile aligner provides precise and accurate alignment readings in as little as four minutes.

John Bean’s New Wheel Balancing System Designed for Premium Performance

This wheel balancer offers users an intuitive operation with a wide, touchscreen display and large digits for the amount of the balance weight and bright indicators for the weight position.

John Bean Wheel System Simplifies Alignment

The John Bean V2280 features high-resolution cameras for accurate alignment readings and industry leading fault diagnosis.

John Bean Scissor Alignment Lift Increases Accessibility

Locked & Lighted models provide enhanced performance, allowing the technician to perform critical tasks while minimizing alignment process operations, by illuminating both inspection and adjustment areas and by sequencing the locking of alignment plates.

New John Bean V2100 Wheel Alignment System Features VIN Scanner

The V2100 features an all-new graphic display, making the aligner easier to operate. Video speed cameras constantly monitor the alignment, ensuring accuracy.

New John Bean V-Series of Wheel Alignment Systems: Perfect Combination of Technology and Simplicity

V-Series of wheel alignment systems are designed to help shops reduce alignment times while, at the same time, increase accuracy.

New John Bean B1200P Combines Premium Wheel Balancing and No-Touch Diagnostics

The B1200P features a touchscreen with an advanced user interface for fast and easy selection of commonly used modes, as well as large, easy-to-see measurement results and bright indicators for weight position.

Making Alignment Easy, the New John Bean V1200 Wheel Aligner Breaks Barrier of Space

Rolling run-out compensation means the V1200 user can just mount and roll to measure. There is no lifting, head-charging, head-leveling or adaptors.

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Snap-on Announces Volkswagen Approval of the Arago Alignment System

Snap-on Equipment’s latest and most advanced alignment technology, John Bean’s ARAGO V3D alignment system, has received Volkswagen approval.