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New Ingersoll Rand 320PG Pencil Grinder

Leave a legible mark: Ingersoll Rand 140EP engraving pen writes like a pen.

KNIPEX Offerings for the Tool Enthusiast

Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Buy yourself a present or two.

Working on the Line – Collision Repair Tools

With the right tools, techs can tackle those jobs that are close to the line between collision and general repair.

Koul Tools Releases Stainless Steel Hose Press

The EZ-ON Hose Press 427 installs both straight and angled fittings from 1/4″ to 1″ sizes in mere seconds.

Commercial Truck Specialty Tools & Equipment from ESCO

These new tools are designed to safely install and remove components in the driveline, steering and suspension line.

commercial truck specialty tools
Automotive Electric Service Tool Kit from Cementex

This kit includes double-insulated diagonal cutting, needle nose, slip joint, crimping and water pump pliers, and more.

The Cementex Automotive Electric Service Tool Kit (ITS-12B-AES) is a great base of insulated tools for use with hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) as well as troubleshooting and repair to EV charging stations.
How Dirty Is Your ‘Clean’ Radiator?

The LTI Radiator Rocket safely cleans with a 4” slot in a brush head that is always positioned 90° toward radiator fins.

Better Service Honda, Acura Vehicles with OTC Adapter Set

Unique shapes and sizes of the adapters create a seamless experience for techs to service different Honda and Acura models.

CTA Mfg. Offers Torque Limiting Ratchet Wrench

The internal torque limiting device prevents over-tightening of caps when re-installing housing caps.

Oil Funnel/Adapter Kit from CTA for Fast Filling without Waste

The special angled extensions with a locking design allow access in hard-to-reach applications.

VIM Tools Offers Button Clip Disconnect Tool with Swivel Head

The tool can be used to quickly disconnect fuel, EVAP and DEF fittings with button-type connectors.

Loosen Rusted Sensors with LTI’s Shockit Socket Kit

Each Shockit Socket has three driving ears with 8mm indexed holes for tightening and loosening.

Lock Technology's LT996D Shockit Socket Diesel NOx & Particulate Sensor Removal Kit