TOPDON Giving Away Bluetooth OBD II Scanners
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TOPDON Is Giving Away 300 Bluetooth OBD II Scanners

TOPDON is giving away 300 of its Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner SmartDiag Mini diagnostic tools to participants who take part in their Play Quizzes, Win Prizes! Campaign to increase brand recognition and subscribers to their website. To participate, click HERE. The campaign runs through March 31, 2021.

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TOPDON’s SmartDiag Mini turns your smartphones and tablets into a pro-level scan tool with outstanding features, offering an easy time diagnosing the car by simply installing the exclusive SmartDiag App. Just plug the mini-sized adapter into the OBD port and enjoy feature-rich and easy diagnostics anytime, anywhere, free from bulky equipment and tangled cables, the company said.

The OBD2 Scanner SmartDiag Mini features include:

  • Access to all vehicle engine control units (ECUs), diagnosing all available car systems
  • Can retrieve ECU information, read and clear DTCs
  • Display Live Data Stream in Merged Graphic
  • Wireless VCI Bluetooth Diagnostics
  • Convert smart devices (ISO 10.09 / Android 5.0 or newer) into a powerful diagnostic tool. Simply download and install the exclusive SmartDiag app
  • Fully featured OBD II scanner
  • Read and Clear OBD II related error codes with a detailed DTC library to take care of most emission-related issues

Subscribers will receive exclusive codes that can be used if they purchase a TOPDON diagnostic tool. To learn more about the TOPDON OBD2 Scanner SmartDiag Mini, visit:


*No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited. Winner(s) will be chosen by April 2, 2021, and notified via their registered email.

For more information, visit

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