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Zendex Tool Offers RakJAK Pneumatic Jack


RakJak is compact, powerful and very fast to use. In the body shop, it is an easy and fast way to install pinch weld clamps on the frame machine. In tire and repair shops RakJak’s proven reliability and durability have shown thousands of technicians a fast, cost-effective means of lifting vehicles on a repetitive basis. Emergency repair highway companies have also benefited from RakJak pneumatic jacks. The highly maneuverable, compact design saves time and is easier to move than a floor jack. The large flat base is steady and resists digging in soft pavement.

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RakJAK pneumatic jacks and accessories: RakJAK Model DBT2 double bag two-ton pneumatic jack extends to 13.75”.

The RakJAK TBT2 triple bag two-ton pneumatic jack extends to 18”. Both jacks are available with long-handle and remote valve.

RakJAK accessories include a long handle retro kit for existing RakJAKs, wall mount brackets and a self-aligning pinch weld jack pad for all models; SpeedBLASTER gravity-fed pneumatic media blasters; HotSPOT blast recovery systems; QuickSPIFF air-powered hand-held vacuums; and WheelCHOCK stationary wheel chocking systems.

All machining, plasma cutting and metal forming are produced by computer-controlled machines, to ensure accuracy. Each pneumatic jack is then meticulously hand assembled, tested and packaged with American-made pride.



Zendex Tool Corporation

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