Building a Shop Culture of Success

Building a Shop Culture of Success

First, write out your plan for success. Next, be sure to train your entire team at the same time.

Courtesy of ShopOwner by David Rogers

Are you ever done training? 

Does it ever feel like you’re too busy and stretched too thin to focus on your operation? 

It’s harder than ever to find and hire critical team members, so it’s no surprise that during busy summer months, many shop owners feel like they only way to stay on top of higher car counts is to drop everything else so they can focus on working inside the business as an advisor or technician. 

The problem is that the shop has to keep operating, whether or not the owner has time to focus on fixing profit margins or managing their marketing strategy.   

This often leads to the operation leaving significant money on the table at the very same time that the business could be maximizing profits. 


There’s a better way than simply putting your head down and working your guts out for a few months each year. You don’t have to accept the status quo or avoid making changes that could improve your situation just because car counts are up. 

But you do have to stop being the secret sauce to your shop’s success. 

As long as you make yourself necessary, you keep yourself stuck in a situation where you have to work your guts out for months on end every year. As long as you’re the best, the fastest, the most skilled, the most knowledgeable at every position in your shop, the operation’s capacity can never grow more than what you can take on. 

All of which means training.

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